Thursday, December 9, 2004

Senate inquiry finds PM 'misled' public on children overboard

Australian navy personnel rescue asylum-seekers from a sinking boat off Christmas Island in October 2001. The government came under attack in February 2002 for suggesting that asylum seekers had thrown their children overboard in an effort to stay in Australia.

A Senate inquiry has backed an allegation that the War Criminal Prime Minister was told days before the 2001 election that there was no evidence to support claims that asylum seekers had thrown their children into the sea.

Former ministerial adviser Mike Scrafton says he passed on the information during several phone calls to John Howard three days before the 2001 poll.

Mr Howard denied the allegation when it was first raised in August.

Labor Senator and inquiry chairwoman Jacinta Collins says a majority of the committee believes Mr Scrafton's version of events.

"The committee finds Mr Scrafton's claim that he told the Prime Minister on November 7 2001 there was no evidence to substantiate the children overboard story is credible," she said.

"His claim is credible - the clear implication of his evidence is that the Prime Minister mislead the Australian public in the lead up to the 2001 election."

Labor Senator and committee member John Faulkner says people now know more about the "deceit" of the HoWARd Government.

"We know now conclusively that the Prime Minister knew that the children overboard claims were false when he misled the Australian people at the National Press Club just two days before the 2001 poll," he said.

By Don't Rock The Boat HoWARd 9 December 04


Don't rock the Boat Howard!
PRIME Minister John Howard today denied the children overboard affair had swayed the 2001 election? Mr Howard has spent the week defending himself against claims he had been informed that nobody in Defence believed children had been thrown overboard by asylum seekers.

Aide reveals children overboard advice
A former federal ministerial adviser has revealed that he told Prime Minister John Howard before the 2001 federal election that no children had been thrown overboard from a boat carrying asylum seekers in Australian waters.

Howard 'unfit to lead'
The Federal Opposition says John Howard is not fit to be Prime Minister after new revelations about the children overboard affair.

Kevin Rudd: PM stirs terrorist hornets
Rudd: THE great lie of the 2001 election campaign was children overboard. The great lie of the 2004 election campaign is Iraq.


Afghan children lose High Court battle against detention
Lawyers have lost their constitutional challenge to the detention of four children at a South Australian immigration centre. Four siblings from Afghanistan, aged between seven and 15, have been in detention since they arrived in Australia in 2001.

Apologise to children abused in care: report
A Senate report on children placed in institutional care has called for the Federal Government to apologise to those who were harmed by their experience.

Gillard stirs Liberal leadership pot
Mr Costello yesterday said that the Federal Government should aim to get all children out of immigration detention and he suggested there should be an increase in immigration levels.

Here is a new project
1. Do you believe it is right to imprison innocent children?
2. Do you believe it is right to imprison innocent women?
3. Do you believe it is right to imprison innocent people?

Compo claims could follow child detention, group warns
A refugee group has predicted a string of compensation claims, after the Human Rights Commission found numerous and repeated breaches of the UN convention on the rights of the child in immigration detention.

Child detention breaches UN convention: human rights report
A leaked final draft report by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) is calling for urgent changes to Australia's immigration detention laws.

Report recommends freeing child detainees
The Human Rights Commission has found that some children held in Australia's immigration detention centres have been exposed to cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.

No more children for Baxter, pleads SA
The South Australian Government is urging the Commonwealth not to shift any more children into the Baxter detention centre in the state's north.

Nauru staff 'fear children are next'
Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone says women and children are sitting in on a hunger strike at the Nauru detention centre, but are not participating.

Australian Govt human rights record 'worsening'
Community groups have given the Federal Government five out of ten for its record on human rights this year. Mr Purcell said the Government was also marked down because of the policy of holding children in immigration detention centres.

Detention centre maggots
A Greens' MP has slammed claims that South Australia's Baxter Detention Centre detainees are putting maggots into their own food.