Friday, November 26, 2004

Bill toughens Tasmania's family violence laws

Tasmania is set to have some of Australia's toughest family violence laws following the passing of a controversial bill.

The Family Violence Bill has passed the Legislative Council with only a minor amendment.

Attorney-General Judy Jackson has made no apology for proposing pro-arrest family violence laws.

But Nelson MLC Jim Wilkinson says the presumption against bail went too far, wrongly restricting the judiciary's discretion.

Under amendments accepted by both Houses of Parliament, police and magistrates will only be allowed to refuse bail to a person charged with a family violence offence if it is likely that release would affect the safety, well being and interests of another person.

Ms Jackson says the Bill's passing is terrific.

"We do have some of the best legislation in the world for protecting women and children," she said.

The legislation introduces new offences of economic and emotional abuse and comes into effect in March.

By My Favourite Martian 26 November 04


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