Tuesday, November 16, 2004

ACTU critical of proposed new workplace laws

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) believes new laws to be introduced into Federal Parliament today will incite bullying and harassment in the workplace.

The ACTU fears the exemption of small businesses from unfair dismissal laws will put millions of jobs at risk.

Union president Sharan Burrow says they will also lead to unfair wages and greater casualisation of the workforce.

She says she has not lost hope the Nationals may break ranks with the Liberal Party and reject the laws.

"More than half of the workforce will lose their rights to actually speak-out without being concerned of instant dismissal without recourse to appeal," she said.

"It's just incredible that a Prime Minister would seek to divide the Australian workforce, would deny half of the workforce basic rights."

By Bullying 16 November 04

ED: Actually I don't think it's incredible at all coming from a war criminal like HoWARd a known "rodent type". This is the neo-liberal Coalition Government from hell and guess what? HoWARd has the power and the Senate to divide people who think they're Australian's and also shoot them in the back if they get in his way of his relentless attack on civil liberties and basic human rights standards.

More fool those who voted this lunatic into power again with more power!


HoWARd's 'attitude' to Aboriginal welfare racist
The Federal Government says it is still considering a radical plan to rebuild the Aboriginal welfare system, which could make financial assistance dependent on behavioural change?

Strike action threat over uni plans
Unions are threatening national strike action if the Federal Government pushes ahead with new workplace relations requirements for Australia's universities.

How Howard Won
Dr Jim Cairns the Deputy PM said in 1975 "I think it's now not possible for a government to be elected, or to remain in office, if opposed by the media complex". We have a situation in Australia where the media and the government are ideologically as one.

Building Industry Bill condemned by the community
The Community has joined the building workers in support of their condemnation of the (Capitalists) Building Industry Bill. Mr United from Justice Action a social justice group told GKCNN, "This is a blatant attack on social justice by greedy capitalists who wish to dictate and lie to workers and the community." They want to put you in jail if you don't work with crummy conditions and wages". He said.