Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Beslan ends mourning after revenge!

People who have children shouldn't throw bombs.

The North Ossetian town of Beslan has marked the traditional end of mourning for the hundreds of parents, teachers and students who were killed in last month's hostage siege.

It is 40 days since the violent end to the siege at Beslan's School Number One and in the Orthodox Christian tradition that brings the official mourning period to an end for many.

All over the town family and friends have gathered in courtyards and on streets for feasts and speeches to honour the dead.

But the end of mourning opens the way to another more sinister regional practice, that of blood feuds and among the mourners are those who want to take revenge.

Their first target is expected to be the neighbouring Muslim republic of Ingueshetia, the homeland of at least eight freedom fighters who seized the school. Local politicians and analysts have warned any ethnic clashes could erupt into widespread conflict.

By Revenge In Moscow 13 October 04

Madonna dedicates song to Russian hostage crisis: IMAGINE!
Pop star Madonna drew massive applause from a sold-out crowd in Paris when she dedicated her version of John Lennon's peace ode Imagine to the Russian hostage crisis.

Hostages' Ruddock's political capital
The Opposition says Mr Ruddock should not be using an international crisis in the domestic political debate.

No children hurt in Russian siege, negotiator says
The chief negotiator in the Russian hostage crisis says all the children held captive are still alive.