Friday, September 3, 2004

No children hurt in Russian siege, negotiator says

The chief negotiator in the Russian hostage crisis says all the children held captive are still alive.

However, he cannot confirm whether or not some of the adults have been killed.

Dr Leonic Roshal has been in regular contact with the terrorists.

He says every request has met with one word: "No".

There is still no food being allowed in and water has been refused again because demands to speak to a local leader have not been fulfilled.

Dr Roshal confirmed the youngest hostage is just 20 months' old and there are another 16 children five or younger.

He said the hostage takers have not identified themselves, however a separate source says the government is holding at least two wives of suspects.

Desperate parents have called on President Putin to fly here and take charge immediately.

Meanwhile there is still sporadic gunfire around the scene.

By In Solidarity 3 September 04