Friday, September 3, 2004

Hostages' Ruddock's political capital

Scum of the earth, war criminal, Philip Ruddock exploits Russian hostages

The Opposition accused Philip Ruddock of using the terrorist crisis in Russia for tasteless political point-scoring.

War criminal, prime minister "Scumbo Howard" attempted to defend his Attorney General Phillip Ruddock exploiting Russian hostages.

But no decent person would attempt to defend Phillip Ruddock exploiting the Russian hostages unless that person had been complicit in the act of doing it. But why Scumbo?

For the purpose, in this case, of winning an election! Is that what human life is worth to these rats?

Ruddock says the hostage drama shows why Australia's intelligence agencies should be focusing on the fight against terrorism, [the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East], rather than being distracted by a royal commission, as Labor has proposed.

But to live in fear for the sake of political posturing is very sad indeed!

The Opposition says Ruddock should not be using an international crisis in the domestic political debate.

Labor's Mark Latham thinks the comments are totally inappropriate. "I don't believe that it's in proper taste to be making direct reflections on Australian domestic policy or the election campaign," he said.

The Democrats' Natasha Stott-Despoja says Mr Ruddock's comments are insensitive. "We still have babies and children in danger and he's making political capital out of it," she said.

No butt's about it "Scumbo Howard" is at it again!

By Howard Out 3 September 04


No children hurt in Russian siege, negotiator says
The chief negotiator in the Russian hostage crisis says all the children held captive are still alive.

Cheesed-off voter tells PM he's past his best
[War criminal], Prime Minister John Howard "Scumbo" has been visiting the marginal seat of Richmond on the New South Wales far north coast. It is held by the National Party's Larry Anthony by a margin of just 1.7 per cent.