Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Book Of Letters: Peter Breen


Peter Breen denied claims that he overworked his secretary Adriana Sammartano, who previously told the inquiry she was heavily involved in typing Mr Breen's, The Book of Letters.

He denied that work on the book took up to 80 per cent of Ms Sammartano's time because "I know how fast she types".

Mr Breen's day in the witness box began with a warning he may face contempt charges for comments he made about ICAC.

Before his evidence he held a press conference labelling the ICAC investigation "ridiculous" and "a waste of time and money".

"I haven't seen such a load of rubbish since Marrickville Council closed Tempe tip," Mr Breen said.

But Peter Breen MLC is not the only person calling the ICAC a bad dog that's just doing Premier Bob Carr's dirty laundry.

Peter Breen answering allegations that he inappropriately claimed up to $130,000 in travel and parliamentary allowances, he said: "They're motels that happen to have resort in their names.

"There isn't anything fancy about them. These places are mostly old. They're not anything flash, I can assure you."

To the tastes of NSW Independent MP Peter Breen, they are "not anything flash".

Mr Breen was giving evidence to ICAC yesterday about his stays at resorts along the North Coast - including the Sails Resort at Port Macquarie, the Nautilus Resort at Coffs Harbour and the Sir Francis Drake Resort in the Hunter

But forget about the stars I'll give Peter Breen's story ***** 5 stars for honesty.

The Reform the Legal System MP said he often spent one or two nights a week at the Lismore property he claims is his principal residence despite his week-long booking at the Byron Bay Beach Resort.

Asked by counsel assisting the commission, Chris Ronalds, if he had proof, Mr Breen said: "Only by someone looking at the bed the next day and saying no one slept there."

Mr Breen told the inquiry the accommodation at the Byron Bay resort was far from glamorous.

"They're cabins in the bush - one-room cabins. To suggest I am exploiting parliament's resources is ridiculous," he said.

He said, " making the 45-minute drive back to the Lismore property depended on *how tired* I was, whether I'd been *drinking*, whether there was anything more *interesting* in Byron Bay and what was *happening the next day*."

All very plausible I might add. By the way where do other elected members stay when they don't make it home? The outhouse?

Mr Breen said his practice of claiming payments for nights spent in transit from Sydney to Lismore was legitimate.

He denied that he chose to stay only at "4-star luxury" resorts.

Mr Breen continues giving evidence today.

Peter Breen has a lot of community support and we are aware that he has come under attack from Bob Carr, his cronies, and the corporate media for helping unpopular prisoners declare their innocents, that's not fair.

By LILLIAN STAR 13 July 04


ICAC review: Do the watched now want the watcher?
Acting Supreme Court Justice, Jerrold Cripps, QC has been appointed by the Carr Government to review the ICAC. This will be a "wide ranging review" don't choke or splutter...

The Hon Peter Breen MLC under attack
Peter Breen is being attacked by ICAC. There will be a public hearing for a week in the ICAC hearing room level 21, 133 Castlereagh St, beginning on Monday July 5 at 10am.

The Daily Terror attack Mr Breen again!
This time they are alleging UPPER House MP Peter Breen used his $102,000 public salary to fight for yet another cause, the newspaper doesn't agree with.

Peter Breen MP attacked by the Terror
LILLIAN SALEH and STAVRO SOFIOS both reporters for the Daily Terror have written an article allegedly for Bob Carr in today's Daily Terror.

The Breen Machine - Reform The Legal System Party
For the past four years, Reform the Legal System has promoted human rights in the new South Wales Parliament. Our most significant achievement is the legislation, passed late last year, to require all bills introduced into the Parliament to be checked for breaches of human rights. This legislation arose out of the Bill of Rights inquiry which we instigated. Over the next four years we will continue to promote debate in the Parliament on human rights, particularly the rights of prisoners, who are the victims of the Liberal and Labor law and order auction.

You have choses Bob The Barbarian!
New laws to make it difficult for people charged with terrorism offences to get bail have been whisked through the New South Wales Parliament after only being introduced earlier today.