Friday, February 27, 2004

The Daily Telegraph attack Mr Breen again!

This time they are alleging UPPER House MP Peter Breen used his $102,000 public salary to fight for yet another cause, the newspaper doesn't agree with.

Perhaps he should have used it for binge drinking with the Bulldogs?

Mr Breen, who was elected earlier this month backed a High Court bid to free the killers of Virginia Morse and Janine Balding, and is lobbying for the life sentences of some of the state's lifers to be redetermined.

Peter Breen MP attacked by the Terror

Yesterday the Reform the Legal System MP had a rare victory, convincing the State Government to remove all royal coat of arms featuring the lion and unicorn, in exchange for the state coat of arms.

The royal crest, held up by a lion and unicorn, is largely only used in the legal fraternity, on about 360 NSW courthouses, above the Speaker's chair in State Parliament and on judges' letterheads.

The state coat of arms, designed early last century and featuring a lion and kangaroo, is used on all other government buildings and flags.

Under the new law, all royal emblems will have to be removed from Government buildings within three years.

Mr Breen, who also wants X-rated videos legalised, claimed the bill would not cost taxpayers' money. The Government also claimed the law would not cost anything and said royal emblems sculpted into sandstone buildings would be exempt and others in government building replaced only during renovations.

"People really don't think it is appropriate to use British symbols to represent the dominion and sovereignty of NSW people," Mr Breen said. "I think the Government has been very courageous in supporting this."

By LILLIAN STAR 27 February 04

THE DOG: RUFF ROUGH...Should the Daily Terror attack honest politicians doing their job?


Peter Breen MP attacked by the terror
LILLIAN SALEH and STAVRO SOFIOS both reporters for the Daily Telegraph have written an article allegedly for Bob Carr in today's Daily Telegraph.

A Question of Innocence
Minister Chris Ellison: Yes we’re watching the progress of this project in NSW with great interest. This has been raised at the Standing Committee of Attorneys General and a working group is looking at this very question. I think we have to have a considered response to this proposal and on a national basis, we would need to have the cooperation of the states and territories.