Friday, July 23, 2004

Protective Service: AFP gets your goatee

A close shave

Following a series of complaints from members, the CPSU has written to AFP management about their recent decision to ban Protective Service Officers from wearing goatee beards and stud earrings.

The CPSU wants an immediate halt on the enforcement of the controversial Protective Service Practical Guide on Uniform, Standards of Dress and Appearance and a commitment from management that they will consult officers properly over any changes.

CPSU members have expressed serious concern over AFP management's failure to consult with staff or unions over proposed changes.

This runs counter to the spirit of your terms and conditions which state "employees can contribute to the decisions that affect them".

AFP have yet to demonstrate the legislative or legal basis that underpins these guidelines.

AFP material relating to the uniform guidelines is only available on the APS intranet but nothing has come out in hard copy yet.

CPSU requested a copy of the AFP Protective Service Practical Guide: Uniform, Standards of Dress and appearance on the 8th July.

AFP informed us that there would be a six months phasing in period, then announced that some aspects such as the ban on goatees would be effective immediately.

Wearing a goatee is an established practice for some Protective Service Officers.

The guidelines allow for other styles of facial hair such as beards and moustaches, what is the problem with goatees?

In response to members concerns with the guidelines CPSU has activated the Dispute Settlement Procedures and have requested:

* existing custom and practice to continue while consultation takes place

* form a joint committee of union delegates and management to consult on guidelines

* consultation to cover the wearing of goatees and stud earrings

CPSU can only protect members' rights if we know who you are. You will need to:

1. Register your intention to continue custom and practice for your goatee or stud earring

2. let your local CPSU delegate or Section Councillor know your views

If all officers demand fair and consistent conditions, we will succeed.

Contact Details: Community and Public Sector Union Ph: 1300 137 636-Fax: 1300 137 646

By Workers Online posted 21 July 04