Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Aboriginal Land Council Vs Daily Telegraph

Hey, my boomerang won't come back!

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: "Apparently, Metro officers sponsored Anthony Mundine's company to display a logo in the ring during his September fight against American Antwun Echols.

Mundine, who earned $3 million in the year leading up to the fight, also provided "members of the Aboriginal community" with tickets to the event.

In a report written in March 2003, an investigator ruled areas of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council's (Metro) operations "border on mismanagement" and recommended an administrator be appointed."

GKCNN: Sydney's Aboriginal Land Council did not sponsor the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Telegraph did not sponsor the Anthony Mundine fight. But instead The Aboriginal Land Council sponsored the Anthony Mundine fight and got sponsored in return by the Anthony Mundine fight. Clever!

DRAKE: We know why, yep, the council didn't sponsor the Daily Telegraph.


DRAKE: My boomerang won't come back. My boomerang won't come back. I've waved the thing all over the place. Practised till I was black in the face. I'll be a big disgrace to the Aborigine race, if my boomerang won't come back.

GKCNN: The logo pictured on the mat is NOT "The Daily Telegraph". That's "Ruff, Rough" why? Because they obviously won't sponsor the Aboriginal community and who would actually want to be sponsored by the Telegraph anyway? The Barramundi!

I spoke to Peter Jacobs an Aboriginal boy at Redfern and asked him why he thought the Aboriginal Land Council would sponsor Mundine's representative, Black Venom Investments and why the Daily Telegraph wouldn't?

JACOBS: "My boomerang won't come back! He said."

GKCNN: Your Boomerang won't come back?


In the bad backlands of Australia Many years ago, The aborigine tribes were meeting, having a big pow-wow.

(Oom-yacka-wurka, oom-yacka-wurka, oom-yacka-wurka)

DRAKE: My boomerang won't come back.

GKCNN: "Your boomerang won't come back?"

DRAKE: "We got a lot of trouble, chief, on account of your son Mack."

CHIEF: "My boy Mack? Why, what's wrong with him?"

DRAKE: My boomerang won't come back.

CHIEF:"Your boomerang won't come back?"

DRAKE: I can ride a kangaroo (yeah yeah) Make kinkajou stew (yeah yeah) But I'm a big disgrace to the Aborigine race, If My boomerang won't come back. They'd banish him from the tribe, and send him on his way, if he had a backless boomerang, so here he could not stay.

(Animal noises)

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: "After eight months of inquiries by The Daily Telegraph under Freedom of Information, the council confirmed it had paid the money to Mundine's representative, Black Venom Investments Pty Ltd, last August.

"Under this contract, the council provided $20,000 to Black Venom in return for Black Venom displaying the council's logo in the ring during the fight between Mr Mundine and Mr Antwun Echols," Metro FOI officer Clare McHugh said.

[Photographs from the September 3 fight clearly showed the council's logo on the floor of the ring and not the Daily Terror's. Ruff, Rough!]

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: The council yesterday could not say how many tickets were provided, or to whom.

GKCNN: Perhaps if a ticket had been sent to Campbell Reid the editor of the Telegraph then the council could have avoided the publicity?

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: The council's headquarters is listed as Chalmers St, Redfern - a few hundred metres from The Block - which erupted in a riot in February in which 40 police were injured. [ Get out the violin? This is just plain slander and nothing to do with this article.]

GKCNN: After Thomas Hickey was chased to his death by police but that's another story besides the allegedly 40 injured police and the one about Mr Coe, Chief Executive of the Council coming up next, who incidentally was not in that position at the time of the Mundine contract.

So we'll just separate the issues as they come up, after all this is not the Daily Terror and we wouldn't want to lose interest in this story by diverting the readers attention away. Now would we?

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: Ms McHugh said the council's new chief executive Paul Coe was unavailable to comment, but the deal would have had to have been approved by a majority council vote.

The land council has been under pressure over monetary decisions since an investigator found it had paid Mr Coe for legal advice after he had been disbarred as a barrister."

DRAKE: This is nice, innit? Getting banished at my time of life. What a way to spend an evening: sitting on a rock in the middle of the desert with me boomerang in me hand. I shall very likely get bushwhacked.

(An animal roars; Drake shrieks back.)

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH: "Mr Coe became chief executive in April and was not in the position at the time of the Mundine contract.

Mundine's manager, Khoder Nasser, said he knew nothing about the contract."

DRAKE: Get out of it! You nasty bushwhacking animal. Think I'll make a nice cup of tea. (Doing, doing, doing...) Good gracious! There goes a kangaroo. I must have a practice with me boomerang: hit him right behind the left earhole. Now then, slowly back.

Gruff voice: If you throw that thing at me, I'll jump right on your head. (It chuckles and bounces away.)

DRAKE: Innit marvellous? Got a land full of kangaroos and I had to pick that one.

For three long months he sat there Or maybe it was four, Then an old old man in a kangaroo skin Came a-knocking at his door.

"Well, I'm the local witch doctor, son. They call me George Alfred Black. Now tell me, what's your trouble, boy?"

DRAKE: My boomerang won't come back.

WITCH DOCTOR: "Your boomerang won't come back?"

THE DAILY TERROR: Anything to do with the Aboriginal community is looked after by Anthony's family," Mr Nasser said.

Aboriginal Affairs Minister Andrew Refshauge said Government funding to the land council stopped in 1998.

"We don't have a say in how they spend money," a spokesman said.

WITCH DOCTOR: "Don't worry, boy, I know the trick, and to you I'm gonna show it. If you want your boomerang to come back, well first you've got to...throw it."

DRAKE: Ooh, yes! Never thought of that. Daddy will be pleased. Must have a go, nyuh-huh! Excuse me. Now then, slowly back... and throw.

(Boomerang whizzes away; Sounds of a plane approaching and then falling from the sky.)

DRAKE: Ooh my God! I've hit the Dog (Ruff, Rough, Ruff,). Eee-hee-hee! Can you do first aid?

WITCH DOCTOR: Don't talk to me about first aid, boy, you owe me fourteen chickens. You know, when I learned you to throw the boomerang. You know, first things first.

DRAKE: Yes, I know that, but I mean, I think on this occasion, you know. You could be a bit more perspective....

"If I Could Turn Back Time" Daily Terror, CH/7

THE real cause of last month's violent Redfern riots was the death of teenager Thomas "TJ" Hickey but perhaps only one element of the racism, harassment and bullying by the New South Wales police force and in this case Redfern police at the Block.

By Charlie Drake and Skippy 25 May 04


Redfern drug dealers: Who is Mr Big?
Police officer blames Redfern riot on heroin instead of a police pursuit? And who's the Koori junkie living on the hill with all the cash? A senior Redfern police officer says a flourishing illegal drug trade is the main cause of problems in Redfern's Aboriginal community, known as The Block. But just like Kings Cross it doesn't get cleaned up and the Mr Bigs are living like pigs. Ha ha. That's right someone supplies and someone accumulates large sums of money and someone has targeted Redfern and allows it to flourish there.

Update: ATSIC Abolition:
On 16 April 2004 on the Jeremey Cordeaux Radio show South Australian Premier Mike Rann attacked ATSIC as a disgrace and falsely alleged it was wasting the $2.6 Billion. Jeremey wrongly claimed it was 2003-2004 budget (the figure is a better approximation of the the MAINSTREAM $Bs amount that the Federal Liberal Government took from ATSIC and already gives annually to mainstream Commonwealth Departments from 1996).

The bone has been pointed at Howard
A Queensland Indigenous leader says an ancient Aboriginal curse placed on Prime Minister John Howard is no laughing matter and could even have deadly consequences.Suspended Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commissioner (ATSIC) chairman Geoff Clark was with a group of Aboriginal people who performed a ceremony known as pointing the bone at Howard at Colac in south-west Victoria this week.

PM in denial over Redfern Death in Custody
Prime Minister John Howard says treating Aborigines differently is contributing to violent confrontations with police.

If we want to survive we must work at it Indigenous unemployment reaching crisis: welfare group Action to lower Indigenous unemployment rate Govt underspends on indigenous employment: dept Economic development: The outback malaise Call for end to Indigenous welfare cycle.

O'Shane blasts constitution
Controversial New South Wales magistrate Pat O'shane has described the Australian Constitution as flawed and grossly inappropriate.

Demounting Auntie Isabel Coe
The information demountable and Auntie Isabel Coe's demountable were set alight at 3am last Saturday morning. The info demountable was completely destroyed- 31 years of photos and info on the grassroots Indigenous rights movement destroyed! Wilson Tukey (FUCKER)has wanted any excuse to get rid of the embassy for ages. This week he has been using the excuse that the burnt out shell is a danger to the community therefore the embassy must be removed.