Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Australia: Child detention, tell me a fable...

Tell me your fable...A fable...Tell me your fable...

Children: Andrew Bartlett urges release of detained children.

Talk to me, tenderly, show reality, fantasy, We'll bound together, all win, in one feat.

Democrat's leader Andrew Bartlett wants all children in immigration detention centres released, in the wake of the Family Court refusal to put a stay on one of its landmark rulings.

I think it's a message stick? Paramount Welfare of the Children.

The Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock today lost a bid to put on hold last month's ruling that the Family Court had the power to release children in detention.

Tell me your fable...A fable...

The full bench of the Family Court has now referred the matter directly to the High Court. Senator Andrew Bartlett says the Family Court should get on with releasing children in detention, while Mr Ruddock should give up.

"He shouldn't really be wasting more taxpayers money by going to the High Court," he said.

"I think whatever the outcome is there, the bottom line is that this Government is doing everything it can to keep kids locked up, when all the evidence is that it is against their best interests."

The fable...The fable...Tell me your fable...

A spokesman for the Immigration Minister says his office is reviewing the decision.

A fable that will never end...
And now, I dream!

By Gregory Kable & Robert Miles 9 July 03

THE CHILDREN: Is Philip Ruddock in the same boat? Perhaps him and John Howard are in a boat on their own?


Amnesty calls for release of children from detention centres
Human rights group Amnesty International is pressuring the Federal Government to immediately release children from detention centres in the wake of the latest report on detainee children.

Child detainees 'living in a nightmare', report finds
A report being released today documents disturbing evidence about mental health for children in detention centres. The report is a joint work by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, NSW University and NSW psychiatrists.

Demonstrators prepared for Baxter protest
Thousands of demonstrators will converged at Port Augusta in preparation for this weekend's expected protest at the Baxter detention centre.