Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Daily Terrorist burns woman at the stake

Prisoner Kathleen Folbigg cries herself to sleep every night, knowing she has been convicted of committing a crime.

Nothing confidential at the Daily Telegraph

But in an extraordinary letter, Kathleen Folbigg maintains her innocence declaring: "Vindication will one day be mine." Folbigg wrote the revealing four-page letter to her foster sister, Lea Bown, two weeks ago from the isolation wing of Mulawa women's jail at Silverwater. The 36-year-old has been in custody since a Supreme Court jury found her guilty of smothering her four children to death.

But juries have been wrong before and they will be wrong again.

For the first time, [Mrs] Folbigg speaks out about her harrowing seven-week trial for the murders of Caleb, Patrick, Sarah and Laura. "Lea, try to imagine your life being spread out, ripped to pieces, examined, opinions cast, character assassinated, your every word, action, thought, doubted, and you're told you don't know yourself," she writes.

Add to that, because of all of the rumors I now live with that every day.

"I endure all of this knowing that vindication will one day be mine."

She is outraged by the Crown's use of her personal diaries to infer that she murdered her children. "There's a huge difference from inferring murder to doing it." Folbigg was responding to a letter from her foster sister, Lea Bown, who testified against her at the trial.

Mrs Bown wrote in part: "What you have done, Kath, I can't even start to understand. I hope, Kath, that you get the help that you badly need and that you let them unlock what is so deep inside you "It is the only way that you are going to get any peace and come to terms with things".

[Mrs] Folbigg replied: "Lea you chose to betray me. You gave away your right to ever know me personally again."

Mrs Bown said she was shocked by Kathleen's response. "She is in complete denial," Mrs Bown said yesterday. Folbigg is due to be sentenced on August 29.

By Don't Light The Match, A Descent Court Reporter 9 July 03

SUNDAY WOULD BE SUNDAY WITHOUT THE DAILY TERROR RUFF, ROUGH. Now all you have to do is wait for the Folbigg escape attempt so that she can take up residents at the (HRMU) High Risk Management Unit at Goulburn otherwise known as Carr's Castle, The Hole, A Box within a Box.

The escape attempt will ensure that she was guilty of the crime she was convicted of and if Folbigg appeals she won't try to escape until after her unsuccessful appeal. Her appeal will be unsuccessful because she will get no help whatsoever in appealing her conviction. In fact she will be thwarted in her attempt to appeal from the prison.

It is written and enshrined in the law in New South Wales, there will be no escape from Starlog 13.


2nd Renaissance -36 Let The Girls Go! [263]
During 2003 an Australian woman, Kathleen Folbigg, was sentenced to 40 years in prison, with a non-parole period of 30 years. Her crime, which she continues to deny, was to consecutively smother her four children when they were aged between 8 and 19 months. She was largely convicted on the basis of entries in her private diary, although these did not specifically refer to her having killed her two sons and two daughters; only that she was her father's daughter. Her lawyers are appealing her conviction.