Thursday, April 17, 2003

Demonstrators prepared for Baxter protest

Thousands of demonstrators will converged at Port Augusta in preparation for this weekend's expected protest at the Baxter detention centre.

The streets around Port Augusta are filled with dozens of demonstrator's vehicles including buses, trucks vans and loudspeakers.

Around 900 arrived this morning and were briefed to lay out and paint large banners.

Estimates of the number of protesters expected to converge at Baxter range from 3,000 to 20,000.

Police said they would be there however so far there is no sign of police.

Many are expected to arrive by bus tomorrow but a Port Augusta protester, Kim Smithers, says some residents say its about time and she has got a simple message for the protesters, "Bring your dog".

South Australia's Premier Mike Rann announced violence and that means his Government is prepared to be violent. It also means they will provoke and pre-empt demonstrators at Baxter over the weekend similar to tactics used by NSW police.

Books Not Bombs suffered from the same humiliation when violent police wound up demonstrators by surrounding them and confining them to a space and trapping them so they couldn't escape.

By Bring Ya Dog 17 April 03

THE DOVE: Police not violence! Beware the Wolf in sheep's clothing. That's right the undercover police, prepared to start something they themselves wanted to finish.