Tuesday, April 22, 2003

What hope with reporters like ANGELA KAMPER and VIVA GOLDNER from the Daily Terror!

Do us favour, have babies and stay home and look after your own kids!

Daily Telegraph: Angela Kamper and Viva Goldner "What hope with parents like these."

"THEY went for a joyride and now will face court. But after three teenagers were stopped in a stolen car which led police on a two-hour chase across Sydney's west yesterday, their parents didn't seem too concerned."

But did these reporters have more time and no children to look after?

They go on to say, "One parent was telephoned and said they couldn't make it to the police station. "

Wow, everyone has time to visit the police station I suppose.

Most people would make it last on the list even if they got into trouble.

"Another said they didn't want to come at all."

Just like most of the population!

"The parents of the third child could not be contacted."

And that speaks for itself.

Instead the children aged 13, 14 and 15, were bailed and sent on their way.

It came after a police helicopter, the dog squad and a convoy of more than 20 cars followed the van until it was stopped at 4am yesterday.

The car was stolen at 10.30pm Easter Sunday.

They were dressed just like a thousand other teenagers in Sydney.

Too young to hold a drivers' licence, the ride came to an end when the stolen Toyota Tarago was stopped on Bringelly Rd, Rossmore, by road spikes the police laid.

They were arrested surrounded by a trail of highway patrol cars which had grown as the pursuit passed through suburbs from Seven Hills to Toongabbie, Blacktown, Penrith and Wallacia.

Police allege the teenagers took the car from the driveway of a house in Toongabbie.

The teenagers were taken to Green Valley station at 4am after the marathon pursuit.

They were charged with stealing and being a passenger in a stolen car.

Mum and dad were nowhere to be seen.

Police said the parents of the three children were contacted and asked to attend the station where the youths were held.

The youths went home with a local community worker.

The teenagers will appear in Campbelltown Children's court on May 26.

A number of young males have been killed following a series of high-speed chases involving stolen cars because police have chased them to their deaths.

In February a 19-year-old died instantly after crashing a stolen Holden Monaro into a tree in Campbelltown.

In December, a 20-year-old died when he crashed a stolen Subaru WRX in Camperdown at up to 130km/h.

In October an 18-year-old passenger died and two other teenagers were seriously injured when the stolen Subaru WRX Impreza they were travelling in crashed during a police pursuit at Rozelle.

A police spokesperson said the stolen vehicle was not driven at high speeds.

However, the chase was at one point terminated when police cars involved were not authorised to deploy road spikes.

Polair continued to track the van until they were given permission to resume the pursuit before the spikes were used.

Highway patrol cars set up roadblocks at several points along the M4 Motorway, and up to 20 vehicles were stationed when the tyres of the Tarago were deflated and the youths were finally apprehended.

By Mindyour Own Business 22 April 03

THE ONLOOKER: And its about time Polair did some real police work. Stop high speed police pursuits over 60 kilometers and save our children. Make Polair do real police work and track the vehicle when it has stopped.

Give up the chase and stay safe!