Monday, March 10, 2003

Carr's pitch: Will leave you in a ditch: Let him bury you?

The Premier, Bob Carr, dubbed Darth Vader launched his bid for a historic third term by asking voters not to judge Labor solely on its record but to look to the future and let his Government "get on with the job".

The yesterday pill. Forget about yesterday's corruption?

Returning to the Dame Joan Sutherland Centre in Penrith for the fourth campaign launch since becoming ALP leader in 1988, he delivered a subdued speech, in tune with the uncertain international climate and the possibility of war in Iraq. Carr did not go to the peace rally or said anything in support of peace even though he has a high profile and can influence many people?

Carr anchored his pitch for re-election on a mix of political experience and fiscal restraint, underpinned by a modest list of new pre-poll promises, including more teachers, smaller classes and expanded cancer services. He never mentioned his corrupt police.

Short memory my friends.

Asking the electorate to help him "secure the future of NSW", he said that more nurses and teachers, smarter policing, a war on cancer and safer communities were the measure of what state governments could - and should - do. "They matter, they're deeply important ... because it's only quality of life in a well-educated community with an open, adaptable economy and sleek, modern infrastructure that will meet the aspirations of our people, and their children, in the years and decades to come," he said.

[No mention of no accountability to the courts because of the new police powers set up to set you up by raiding your homes after he is elected.

Carr: "It's that prospect which informs and shapes the things we do. This job, the challenge, is as big as NSW itself. It drives and charges my enthusiasm and the dedication of my team. It underlies our deep sense of what a privilege it is to lead this state and its people."

[Tell your story to all the dead citizens who can't vote! To all the mentally ill who languish in jail! To all those children who died at the hands of DOCS because no one followed up reports of child abuse! To all those people who overdosed on heroin because the ICAC was seeking corrupt cops and decided to lure them with an overdose of pure heroin!]

Promised projects for a third Carr Government include:

$329 million to hire 1474 new teachers to reduce class sizes to 20 children in kindergarten, 22 in year 1 and 24 in year 2.

$290 million to fight cancer, including creation of a new cancer institute, a major expansion of radiotherapy services and a new program to recruit doctors, nurses and other professionals.

Australia's first compulsory drug treatment prison, solely for repeat offenders.

An alcohol summit, modelled on the successful drug summit, to find new strategies to deal with the social and health effects of alcohol abuse.

$160 million for a second Cronulla branch line. The creation of a minister for science and medical research.

The campaign launch comes as new Herald ACNielsen polling shows that Labor has opened up a commanding 16-point lead over the Coalition just 12 days before the March 22 poll.

[But any party could have a 16 point lead over the Coalition. No great accomplishment there.]

Carr, who was introduced by the youngest member of his cabinet, the Minister for Juvenile Justice, Carmel Tebbutt, told the ALP faithful that he had come to know the people of NSW well, standing beside them as they grieved for children who had not returned from a "pleasant holiday in the sun" or standing by the "blackened and drought-stricken remains of people's dreams".

But Tebbutt is one of his many thrills in a short skirt to promote the Carr government and deceive electors when the chips are down. Carr knows Tebbutt will perform better because in his eyes she looks better. By giving preferences to these people they will in turn bend over and hide the governments mistakes by lying to the public. Barby Dolls are not people who have earned their place in society or used to introduce Vader.

Carr: "I've come to know that we in this state are a good people. And we deserve the measurably better life that good government can give. We've achieved a lot together in these most remarkable years. And we've learnt a lot too.

But what did the public learn? How greedy and corrupt their government is and how much they lie.

Carr: "So we ask once more for your confidence and your watchful esteem as we set out again to enhance and enlarge the life of our people to secure the future of NSW."

Why do you lie like that? Lie one hundred and one. See!

Mr Carr said that Labor's plans for a third term would be capped at $800 million in recurrent spending over four years and a further $800 million had been earmarked for capital works.

Watched by the former prime ministers Bob Hawke and Gough Whitlam, the former premier Neville Wran and the Federal Labor Leader, Simon Crean, Carr focused on the reform themes of his premiership.

These included his personal push for stem cell research, changes to tort law and intervention in the immigration debate. "We have elevated environment concerns to the heart, not the fringe of politics.

We have fought against the ultimate in overdevelopment - namely, a rate of population growth too big for Sydney or Australia to handle.

We have engaged a mature electorate about population policy and the slim carrying capacity of our fragile land.

"Labor's approach in NSW is far removed from the growth at any cost view of some other states.

Our focus is on protecting our quality of life."

By Corrupt Govt 10 March 03 State Truth Reporter

THE UNDERTAKER: Ashes to ashes dust to dust. The fish always rots at the head.


Democrats call for more accountability in NSW Govt
Democrats upper house MP, Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, made the accusation while launching a policy calling for more accountability in state government.

NSW Election 2003: VOTE 1 DEMOCRATS
The Democrats have watched with concern as both of the major parties support more and more legislation that puts more and more people in prisons. It is very easy for politicians to be tough on crime but it is harder to for them to explain to develop solutions to crime. Talkback radio and populist media driven opinion polls that show that the public approves of imprisonment.This comes from the notions that:

Drug law reform: The Greens are proud to have the most progressive policy of any party on drug law reform. Our Drugs and Harm Minimisation Policy is available in full from The NSW Greens, as are all our policies.

The Breen Machine - Reform The Legal System Party
For the past four years, Reform the Legal System has promoted human rights in the new South Wales Parliament. Our most significant achievement is the legislation, passed late last year, to require all bills introduced into the Parliament to be checked for breaches of human rights.

PM lost in space! Pre-emptive Strikes & Star Wars Defence!!
War criminal PM backs missile defence investigation but he is not on his own. Bob Carr dubbed Darth Vader after draconian laws were introduced in NSW following John Howard's threats to strike first and ask questions later.

Constitution, politics, police and prison corruption

Carr appeal is rotten
NSW voters believe the Carr Labor Government has performed bad on crime and public safety and done a poor job in health and hospitals, people can see it with their own eyes.

NSW Election 2003: The Sale of Justice
NSW Young Lawyers' Criminal Law & Human Rights Committees, however, have been concerned about the civil rights trade-offs that both major parties have been proposing (or, in the case of the Government, implementing) prior to the election.

Human Rights 'Framed'
Here is a quick report on our Human Rights Commission approach on Framed (the quarterly magazine of Justice Action) being banned from all NSW prisons. After 42 issues went in.

Abolition of 800 year old double jeopardy law a crime
The 800-year-old rule prevents a person who's acquitted of a criminal charge from ever being re-tried for that offense.

Prison Privatisation: Death camps looming in NSW
I asked for the identification of the person I was speaking to and was told that I was not entitled to that information. I needed to verify the call and asked for a name or number to register my call because I was asked to get those details by my coordinator.

Take crime talk beyond the bars:'lobby group'
A coalition of academics, crime experts, welfare and church groups is preparing to launch an intensive pre-election campaign aimed at refocusing the attention of NSW politicians from harsh sentencing reforms to crime prevention strategies.

NSW A-G moves to stop criminals and ex-criminals selling stories
From next month criminals or ex-criminals who try to profit (earn a living for paid work, like writing a book etc..) from their crimes in New South Wales will have the proceeds confiscated.

NSW Govt criticised over criminal justice record
Key criminal justice groups have described the New South Wales Government's record on justice issues as a "disappointing performance".

Demolishing Democracy
How Bob Carr, [ the Coalition of the Killing,] and Bin Laden gave birth to the NSW police state. The [CIA false flag ]Bali bombings could not have come at a 'better time' for [the Coalition of the Killing and] Bob Carr and his project to bring an end to Westminster democracy in NSW.

Litigants are drowning: in the High Court
There were so many self represented litigants appearing in the High Court that more than half of its registry staff's time was taken up in dealing with them. The "go it alone" litigants have to take on tasks well above their qualified league causing them stress. This growing problem cannot be left unchecked.

The community questions ICAC's slagging and fobbing you off?
The ICAC, Commissions, Ombudsman, Police Integrity Commission (PIC), and numerous Tribunals etc, are all arms of government set up as an insurance police for the government's 3 or 4 year election terms. In short they'll be out of office by the time you may be lucky enough to have your matter heard.

Mr. & Mrs. Mandatory Sentencing
Well congratulations to the bride and groom. Could you please be upstanding and raise your glasses for Mr. And Mrs. Mandatory.

NSW prisons - primary industry bailed up!
In many quiet regional centres around NSW there is a new primary industry shaping up. It has something to do with Bail but not with bales. The minister for Agriculture Richard Amery who also has the prisons portfolio is now committed to farming prisoners.

NSW Parliament Bitter Pills To Swallow?
One delusion pill: So people who investigate their own mistakes make sure there was no mistake or someone else made the mistake. Perhaps you're not biased and you will be honest about it.

Who is bad?
Super Rat? M5? M11? K8? N2? So I trust that some people who, with the photos and guns guessed that a jury would quickly establish a case against a profiled person whom, you just had a picture and a history of. Common knowledge? The government knew their victims would take the blame. Not just chess in court, 'moving around the pieces', but 'putting false evidence, or not enough evidence before the jury."

False flag operations, scapegoats and patsies

State terror units caused the terror!
The level of suspicion and surveillance created by the [US false flag operation and call to arms] Bali bombings, created by [ the Coalition of the Killing and Australian's complicity to go to war on Iraq] means that all Australian's suffer the loss of their human rights, civil rights and their democratic rights, as well as those Australian's who lost their life in Bali.

Middle Eastern: Specific Legislation
"If there is a target person the police would have powers in relation to that type of person," Mr Costa said. Asked what he meant by "type of person", Mr Costa said: "The example that's been given is if there's a description of somebody, an identikit photograph released by Interpol or other agencies ... these powers may well be exercised on that type of person."