Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Plastic tax 'inevitable': Andren

Independent Federal MP Peter Andren says the states and territories have missed a chance to prevent 6 billion plastic shopping bags polluting the environment over the next two years.

The Federal Member for the Calare in New South Wales is angry the Environment Minister [David Kemp,] rejected a recommendation to tax plastic bags.

The Minister has instead called on retailers to halve bag usage over the next two years.

Mr Andren says the measure will not work as well as a tax.

"I just think we're delaying the inevitable," he said. "We're going to have another 12 billion bags out there or thereabouts over the next couple of years.

"We could obviate, I believe, at least half of that pollution by implementing a change now which the public is showing they're quite happy about."

A spokesperson for Justice Action Ms Glad Bag said, "You really miss the point if you don't target the chain stores and their functions. Like Coles and Woolworths meat trays and the way products in general are packaged by producers of goods. Not just bags, using the global term 'plastic'."

"These chain stores and manufacturers of produce for sale are terrorists and don't change their packaging because of profits. If you don't give the consumer the right choice then the consumer will purchase the goods because it is easy." She said.

By Bio Degradable 15 January 2003

THE EGG: Producers and retail outlets must hand over their weapons of mass destruction 'plastic' and sign a peace treaty with the nation. From now on string bags and meat rapped in paper and all the ideas you can think of to replace plastic. Thanks.


ACF disputes plastic bag reduction claims
Environmentalists have disputed figures showing a 29 per cent drop in plastic bag use in the year to June. Last week, the Federal Government said an Australian Retailers Association survey came up with the finding.

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