Monday, August 2, 2004

ACF disputes plastic bag reduction claims

Environmentalists have disputed figures showing a 29 per cent drop in plastic bag use in the year to June.

Last week, the Federal Government said an Australian Retailers Association survey came up with the finding.

But the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) say the real figure is much lower because small retail outlets were not included in the survey.

ACF spokeswoman Susie Brown says the disposable plastic bags remain a big problem, particularly in coastal areas.

"Some of the larger sea marine mammals, they ingest plastic bags and other plastic packaging," she said.

"They often mistake it for other sea creatures such as jellyfish and enough plastic bags or packaging inside their intestines basically kills them."

By Plastic 2 August 04

THE CHICKEN: Actually I have dumped my plastic bags for my backpack I thought? But after packing my backpack at the supermarket I ran out of room and was left holding two loaves of bread in two more plastic bags! How could this be? I decided not take home plastic bags. I soon discovered that no matter how hard I try there is still a plastic bag in my hand.

THE EGG: What about those plastic meat trays?

THE HEN HOUSE: So if we are going to get rid of the plastic bags we take our goods home in then it seems that all packaging per se has to be changed as well - otherwise we are still going to be taking home plastic bags even when we have made a clear choice not to.

Food for thought?


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