Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Roseanne Catt alert - miscarriage of justice?

Thank you LORD, the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Army of the LORD! Amen! (Sister Mary Court)

I first met Roseanne Catt when I visited Mulawa Women's Prison in 1999 and I have been following her case ever since. This week, her campaign to prove her innocence will finally reach a climax in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

I feel this case has many serious implications for the justice system in NSW and for the way the media and the legal system handles such cases. I intend to deal with some of these in future reports.

If you are interested in her case, watch for further reports in the Sydney Morning Herald and Reportage. Pass them onto others who may be interested. Many people have received little information about this case because much of the media have either failed to report on the defence case or have actively undermined it.


In August 2001, Roseanne Catt who had almost served a twelve years sentence for eight crimes against her ex husband Taree motor mechanic Barry Catt, was released from prison after the NSW Attorney General received fresh evidence which supported her claim of innocence. Now, three years, Acting NSW District Court Judge Thomas Davidson has forwarded his report on the facts of her case to the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal which will now decide whether or not she is guilty.

On October 24, Reportage published a report by Wendy Bacon on a crucial aspect of the case, the allegation that Roseanne spiked her husband's drinks with drugs.

Wendy Bacon and Tracy Pillemer started investigating Roseanne Catt's convictions in 1999. To find out more about this extraordinary case, read their reports:

Read more reports on the case as it unfolds in the media this week.


The outcome of the concluding phase of the Appeal in relation to Roseanne Catt's convictions will be heard at the Court of Criminal Appeal Supreme Court on Wednesday 27th October at 10 am in Queen's Square, near St James Station, Hyde Park.

The Court Room and Level can be found by looking at the notice board on the ground level of the Supreme Court... or on the Internet. It possibly will be Court 13A.

The 3 Supreme Court Judges' decision of the Criminal Appeal will be based on the findings of Acting Judge Davidson. The Inquiry began 18 months ago on 3 February 2003.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Mary Court on behalf of the...Free Roseanne Team "Mary Court" marycourt@bigpond.com

By Wendy Bacon posted 26 October 04


Witnesses may have conspired, says judge
Criminal charges will be considered against prosecution witnesses who gave evidence at the inquiry into the conviction of Roseanne Catt over a conspiracy to murder her husband.

Update on Roseanne Catt case
Judge Davidson called both parties back to Court today to announce that he has finished his part of the Inquiry and to advise that he is sending his findings to the Registrar.

Roseanne Catt's outrage at MEAA ruling
When a hearing committee of the media union's National Ethics Panel found Four Corners and journalist Sally Neighbour committed a breach of the journalists code of ethics in a report involving a controversial former policeman, Roseanne Catt spoke out.

Roseanne Catt Inquiry: Roseanne Catt's presentation:'Daily Terror'
We are most concerned about articles that have appeared in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday, February 8, 2003, page 13. The article was written by Peter Lalor and again on Sunday 9 March 2003 written by Warren Owens.

The Roseanne Catt Trial
This case is fantastic! It covers ground that exposes the thorough erosion of so much that is good in our society - the issues themselves become clouded by disbelief knowing this has happened at all.

Govt restores legal aid in Catt case
The longest-serving female prisoner in New South Wales, Roseanne Catt, has welcomed a decision by the Government to restore funding for her battle to clear her name.

New murder inquiry after wife jailed for decade
A woman may have been charged with trying to poison her husband before police received toxicology results, the New South Wales Supreme Court has heard.

It has been brought to our attention that today Legal Aid have formally advised Brock Partners, Roseanne Catt's solicitors, that they will no longer fund the Inquiry - at this most crucial time when her hearing is set for next Monday 3rd February.

Roseanne Catt update
Since writing this letter we have learned that the Attorney General is saying that the court matter that has taken eighteen months to prepare should be adjourned. In the meantime we wait and wait and wait until they say we can proceed. This is the situation just as we prepare to go to court on Monday 3rd February 2003.

Roseanne Catt
The case of Roseanne Catt starts On Monday 3rd February 2003 at 10 am in the Downing Centre Sydney before Judge Davidson.