Thursday, October 6, 2005

The truth is out: Bush's new nuclear stance

The truth is out. According to a confidential Pentagon document, the US government's masterplan for total global domination now includes using its nuclear weapons pre-emptively - even in conventional war situations.

A draft of "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations" shows that instead of reducing the role of nuclear weapons as originally promised, the Bush administration is pushing aggressive new policies that are set to become normal US military practice.

The document - the final version of which will go out to all US military commands as 'operational guidance' later this year - was removed from the Pentagon's website earlier this month, prompting a Pentagon spokesman to admit that "even in an unclassified world this is not the kind of thing you want flying around the Internet". Well we think it's exactly the kind of information that people should know about - which is why we've put it up on our website for you to read.

What the document shows is how the threshold for actually using nuclear weapons has been lowered dramatically. For instance, the document seeks to justify pre-emptive nuclear strikes against nations (even those without nuclear weapons) which the US thinks might use chemical or biological weapons against US forces or allies.

It also positions nuclear weapons as just another item in the military's box of tricks, even underscoring the importance of US troops being able to continue functioning in a highly irradiated battle zone. In a chilling finale, "Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations" concludes that the United States is legally free to use nuclear weapons pre-emptively if it chooses, "no customary or conventional international law prohibits nations from employing nuclear weapons in armed conflict".

An earlier internal draft of the doctrine was sent to Greenpeace by some friendly soul - it includes suggested edits and comments by all the major military commands (we've also uploaded this version to our website for you). This feuding is interesting, as it reveals strong internal disagreement amongst US military commanders about the new strategy.

The disputes are over the document's enthusiasm for using nuclear weapons in attacks leading to massive civilian casualties. In addition, some commanders expressed extreme doubts over both the legality of the new nuclear doctrine, and that the threats used to justify this new doctrine actually exist. Greenpeace disarmament campaigner Dominick Jenkins said, "These documents should send a shiver down the spine of everyone.

They show that the highest levels of the Pentagon have undergone a major shift in thinking and now view nuclear weapons no longer as a weapon of last resort but a weapon that can and should be used." "This means a US military machine prepared use nuclear weapons first, against non nuclear countries and non military related civilian targets". He continued, "Historically, where US nuclear policy leads the UK generally follows. And with the UK facing a choice of whether to build a new nuclear weapon system in this parliament it is crucial that both MPs and the public seriously examine these documents." "The UK can't allow itself to be dragged down this path.

We must step back from the brink of a new nuclear arms race - by taking Trident off patrol, stopping all preparations to build a new atomic bomb and restarting the multi-lateral disarmament negations which have already helped to eliminate over half the world's nuclear arsenals." Make sure the Pentagon's plans for nuclear war fly around the internet Nuclear warfighting plans concern all of us - they shouldn't be kept secret. Help ensure that these unclassified documents are exposed to plenty of sunlight by sending this article to a few friends.

Send the link to this article to a friend. More Information Download the Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations - an unclassified draft of a US nuclear doctrine review that spells out conditions under which US commanders might seek approval to use nuclear weapons.

Download the Comment matrix on Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations - Comments from the US military branches to the Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations, which outlines how and under what circumstances nuclear weapons might be deployed by the US military. Read the Arms Control Association story - The Role of U.S. Nuclear Weapons: New Doctrine Falls Short of Bush Pledge "Instead of reducing the role of nuclear weapons, the new doctrine reaffirms an aggressive nuclear posture of modernized nuclear weapons maintained on high alert. Conventional forces and missile defenses merely complement instead of replace nuclear weapons."

By Greenpeace posted 6 October 05



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