Monday, February 3, 2003

Nuclear protesters arrested

AT least three people have been arrested during a protest at the Lucas Heights nuclear facility in Sydney's south. NSW upper house Greens MP Ian Cohen, who spoke at the protest, said demonstrators sat across the road and tried to prevent construction workers from entering at the site.

About 40 police were in attendance as the protesters gathered in an attempt to halt work on a replacement nuclear rector, he said.

"The police are starting to arrest people; they've arrested about three people so far.

"I am concerned they are using wrist locks on people who are obviously peaceful, and they are working their way across the road to open the road and people are just sitting with locked arms peacefully."

A NSW police spokeswoman said about 30 protesters were on the scene and confirmed arrests had been made.

"At least three, possibly more, arrests have been made," she said.

"They will be taken to various police stations including Miranda, St George and Sutherland."

By Demon Stration 3 Feb 03

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