Friday, September 9, 2005

The Telstra scandal

I like the way 51 per cent of the shareholders knew the bad news and 49 per cent did not know because as john hoWARd said he didn't want to break the law and tell everyone else.

Insider 'selling' comes to my mind! Having more knowledge about shares than the rest of the shareholders and or a subsequent purchaser is a little illegal.

They don't call him dishonest john for nothing.

I suppose now ASIC can go after that rotten board member who failed to disclose to the other 49 per cent of shareholder, but who alerted the general public via the media giants to the fact that he wouldn't recommend or sell the shares to his own mother. Hint hint.

Will he get the whip for being a naughty man? Ha ha ha. Sure he will! ASIC is hoWARds attack dog. But hoWARd didn't do nothing wrong nor do any of his cronies. They just keep riding rough and getting away with it.

A real scandal again!

By Dead Fred posted 9 September 05

Community echoes Telstra sale 'regional fears'
"They need a world class telecommunications network to make sure they can do business online and actually keep up-to-date with new development.