Saturday, September 17, 2005

The situation in Nepal

Feb 1, 2005 will go down into the annals of Nepal's history as another darkest day when the tyrant and autocratic King Gyanendra, the most hated one by the majority of Nepali people as well as the democratic, secular and progressive forces all over the world, committed yet another crime against the democracy in Nepal through a palace coup.

Unite to Throw Out the Monarchy into the Dustbin of History Forever ! Move Earth & Heaven for a Democratic Republic of Nepal !! As you are aware that the monarchy in Nepal acting against the will of Nepali people is ruthlessly trampling on the democratic rights of Nepali people one after another & seeking to establish medieval rule, in an foolish attempt to move the wheel of history backward while Nepali people are carrying out resolute struggle for a democratic republican rule. The monarchy based on so-called Hindu religion and feudalism, has lost the support and confidence of overwhelming majority of Nepali people, including women, dalits, and janjatis.

The military, political and economic support provided by the U.S. and Indian government is the single most cause for the survival of dictatorial monarchy in Nepal, despite losing support of 25 million people of Nepal. The present palace coup and military rule is nothing but the outcome of consistent military and political support given by the U.S. as well as Indian government to the Royal Nepal Army headed by military dictator king Gyanendra.

It is strange that the U.S., which claims itself the champion of civil rights and democracy, has given wholehearted support to the undemocratic regimes worldwide. For realizing its political military and economic goals the U.S. has no objection even to embrace the tyrant rulers and dictators like military dictator Pervez Musarraf and feudal monarch Gyanendra.

In order to protect the feudal and dictatorial regime in Nepal, arms and ammunitions and financial aid to the tune of millions of dollars is being poured by the U.S., on pretext of suppressing Maoist rebellion, which has resulted in mass killings of people and democracy itself. As far as the monarchy is concerned, the Indian government is playing the same role as of their master i.e. the U.S. by fully endorsing the rule of King and supporting him politically and militarily.

Friends, at this point of time Nepal stands at the crossroad between the autocratic, mediaval and feudal military regime whose hands are soaked with the blood of thousands of Nepali people on one side and democratic republic on the other.

Nepali people need support and solidarity of all genuine democratic, secular and progressive forces in India to attain the goal of democratic republic in Nepal so as to get rid of feudal military rule propped up by imperialist forces forever. A massive rally & mass meeting will be held on February 13, 2004 at Chandigarh in support of democratic movement in Nepal and in protest against royal takeover You are requested to participate in the rally and mass meeting in large number to express solidarity to the democratic movement of Nepali people. With regards, Yours truly Laxman Pant President Central Committee.

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

By Laxman posted 17 September 05