Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm in a right f***kin mood

This story is all about how the Australian public were conned out of their democracy by Lib/Lab. The agreement made between the government and its opposition to maintain complete power over its representative constituents and the falsehood that people could vote and make changes to this country.

But not by a country mile...

Given Enough Rope the opposition stands naked with the allegations made by ex-leader of the Labor opposition Mark Latham that the Labor right sabotaged its own party time and time again to ensure the neo-Liberals stayed in power, sold the government to the USA and went on to take full control of the Senate.

That's what you call the Sin-ate!

All the while the Labor right maintained the States, received big fat pay cheques and toured the world as well paid losers with no intention or ambition whatsoever to even try to be elected into government office and were prepared to sabotage anyone in their own party who disagreed. Having inside information did help.

A facade

Who needs power when you're second in command of a country that is being sold to the USA and living fat on prawns and lobster?

For all these reasons everything the government want the opposition wants because they both want the same thing including illegal and degrading wars on foreign nation states like Iraq or any other war for that matter. The sale of Telstra where 80 per cent of the people said no. The Medicare debate or any other worthwhile debate we've had in the last twenty years that meant allot to the community but not much to the government of the day or its alleged opposition.

But when Labor had to make those difficult decisions, decisions that most people were unlikely to want to agree with easily like the hard decisions about Peace and Industrial Relations laws where you just have to be seen to be doing the right thing in opposition and then the horse bolts through just like the election 9 lengths in front.

Remember for years now the election goes like this. Howard says, it will be close. The media on the right seem to give Labor every chance in the world but maintain that the government will be hard to beat. Neck-a-neck to the death but Howard romps home 9 lengths in front. Why?

Well paid losers that's why!

Because it was always meant to be that way. The government were the salesmen and Labor shook hands and toured the world.

That's how you sell the country and make any draconian law you want to control the people of this country who don't agree with what you're doing. All 80 per cent of them.

Why would I care like Kim Sleazely if I were in on the deal and getting paid well in a comfortable position for the rest of my life and the life of my party - until I get a big fat pension and go on more well paid holidays - all the days of my life?

Mark Latham was an honest family man who had a conscience big enough to change the world and all it has got for the community!

Mark Latham employed Peter Garrett to help him out because he was being stabbed in the back and undermined for his belief - that we could do a lot better for the community and that that wasn't being done.

When the Labor right found out Mark wouldn't toe the party line they stabbed him in the back. Out came the knifes folks and the rest is history until Mark sold his story. A story that was attempted to be highjacked by News Limited so they could control the fall-out and kick Mark Latham to death for being so "stupid" as to blow himself up.

You know the hand-grenade that blew up in his hand as he threw the pin away. Ha, ha, ha.

In a way thank you Andrew Denton that that didn't happen quite the way News Limited meant it to happen and the full truth was exposed for what it was including the undemocratic sham by the media giants to cover it up.

I'm angry at what this government and its opposition have done to our community and I demand answers from the top now. I'll bet like so many other people that this farce we've been calling democracy has now been seen for what it is.

We are being fully controlled by one government call Lib/Lab who have deceived us and that my friends is what you've really been voting for. For many years they've bluffed everyone and just like thieves sold public infrastructure and resources owned by this country out from under our very own feet.

I'm not going to say anymore at the moment because I'm angry even though I could remind you of many instances that prove what I have said and I could go on forever but I'm going to leave it up to you.


More than enough rope...

How could he bite the hand that feeds the well paid losers?

That was the easy part he was honest to some degree!

After they stabbed him in the back!

And the ABC stole the show...

Enough Rope: Mark Latham

In December 2003, Mark Latham became the youngest leader of the federal Labor party in over a century. Thirteen months later after a leadership marked by flashes of brilliance, personal controversy and illness, he quit politics altogether, having led Labor to one of the worst defeats in the party's history. Since his resignation in January he has said not one word in public, until now.

MEDIA WATCH: Latham strikes! (again)

Mark Latham's book launch was supposed to be a tightly controlled media event - but after he split the nation and the ALP - Latham had no trouble splitting the media.

By Propaganda Monster 20 September 05


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