Sunday, August 21, 2005

THOUSANDS of protesters to take over Circular Quay

In an attempt to disrupt a conference involving some of the world's top business executives THOUSANDS of protesters are to take over Circular Quay.

Trade unionists, anti-globalisation activists, peace campaigners, environmentalists and religious groups will join forces as the 30A Network on the opening day of the conference, August 30, to make their point on everything from industrial relations reform to global warming and the continuing commitment of troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Forbes Global CEO Conference, an annual gathering of more than 300 of the world's top chief executives, is organised by Forbes magazine owner Steve Forbes, who will open the three-day conference at the Sydney Opera House.

Speakers will include Prime Minister John Howard, NSW X Premier Bob Carr and former New York mayor Rudi Giuliani.

The protest's organisers have said activists are planning marches, a flotilla near the busy ferry terminal and banner drops from city buildings and Sydney Harbour Bridge. It will conclude with a rally in the Opera House forecourt.

Co-ordinator Damien Lawson said protest organisers would write to actor Nicole Kidman to ask her to decline an invitation to address the conference.


Steve Forbes is a founding member, along with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Francis Fukuyama and others, of the right-wing think-tank Project For the New American Century (PNAC).

Formed in 1997, PNAC's plan was to have the US, as the "world's preeminent power", shape a new century of "American global leadership" through "military strength and moral clarity".

In September 2000, PNAC produced a 76 page document "Rebuilding Americas Defences: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century".

The document called for an increase in US defence spending to "to insure the long-term superiority of US conventional forces" but also to develop new capabilities such as a missile defence shield. Specific aims included the ability to "fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theatre wars" across the globe beginning in the Middle East, to "maintain nuclear strategic superiority", and to "control the new international commons of space and cyberspace".

Today, the document reads like a blueprint for the Bush Doctrine - not surprising since of the 40 people who signed PNAC's "Founding Principles", 10 have served in the Bush Administration.

The Secret Rulers of the World - New Link

By No More War and More Civil Liberties 21 August 05


Illegal and Degrading War

Teachers accused of anti-US bias
AUSTRALIA: The fascist federal treasurer has drawn a rebuke from teachers for warning them against spreading anti-Americanism in schools and suggesting it could mutate into anti-Westernism and terrorist attacks against Australia.

Social Services

Australian Greens Senator Responds To: Social Services Cuts
I am writing to you because I am concerned about people living in poverty in Australia. In Parliament, legislation will be introduced to put many people with disabilities and single parents on unemployment payments. If this law goes ahead unchanged, more people will live on less money after July 2006.

Corporate Welfare

Corporate welfare or how to steal social services?
Ever wondered why there are so many homeless, why we need a 10 pc GST, lack of services for mental disability, still paying off the Olympics, poor public transport planning etc etc etc?


Work for the dole is legal slavery
Work for the dole was originally sold to us by Howard as a warm and fuzzy light work project. We would be working for nothing but we would be enjoying giving back something to the community, so it was reckoned.

Military Spending

Howard: We as a nation have got to invest heavily in defence?
Fascist Prime Minister John HoWARd has indicated the Government will make major changes to work place laws, cut disability support forcing the disabled to work and increase his defence commitment.

Hill primed for war!
Australian Caretaker Defence Minister Robert Hill has announced a multi-million dollar upgrade of the Pearce Air Force base in Western Australia. Hill says $87 million would be spent on a major upgrade of the base, which is Australia's main flying training facility.

Troop deployment not a deepening of effort: Hill
Deploying an extra 30 troops to Iraq was not a deepening of Australia's involvement because they were being sent to protect those already there, Defence Minister Robert Hill said yesterday.

Auditor Generals damning defence report
The Defence Department computer system upgrade has cost Australia tens of millions of dollars in a gigantic bungle, according to the Federal Opposition. The Commonwealth auditor-general has issued a damning report into the project.

Climate Change

Pressure remains on Australia as Kyoto takes effect
The Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will today come into force after a decade of deliberations.

HoWARd: Winner who failed to lead by example but still won?
CHRISTMAS and the lead-up have their familiar rituals. On Christmas Day there is the present giving, church going and massive lunch, followed by the big recovery sleep.

Kyoto Protocol start date set
The Kyoto Protocol to combat global warming will take effect from February 16 after Russia formally handed over its notice of ratification overnight.