Friday, November 19, 2004

Kyoto Protocol start date set

The Kyoto Protocol to combat global warming will take effect from February 16 after Russia formally handed over its notice of ratification overnight.

The agreement aiming to curb carbon gas pollution was agreed to in 1997.

However the United States rejected Kyoto in 2001, saying the cost for meeting its targets would be too high for the US economy, which is massively dependent on the fossil fuels that are at the source of the problem.

Russia's ratification then became necessary for Kyoto to survive, as it had to be supported by countries accounting for at least 55 per cent of developed nations' greenhouse gas emissions.

Only four industrialised states are yet to ratify the protocol, Australia, the United States, Monaco and Liechtenstein.

Time to wake up Australia.

By Climate Change 19 November 04