Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hell on wheels

Cyclist dies in hit and run

NSW: A MAN is being interviewed by police after a 16-year-old boy was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Sydney's west.

The boy and a 19-year-old man had been riding a bicycle along Londonderry Road at Londonderry when a vehicle struck them about 6.20pm (AEST) yesterday.

The vehicle allegedly failed to stop after the crash, police said.

The 16-year-old died and the 19-year-old suffered injuries to his head, neck, stomach and leg. He was in a stable condition in Hawkesbury Hospital.

About an hour and a half after the crash, a 21-year-old Penrith man went to Penrith police station and was interviewed by crash investigators.

No charges had yet been laid, the police spokeswoman said.

THEY are the biggest scourges of city streets -- idiots in motor vehicles who daily place themselves and others in mortal danger.

Bending the rules with no regard for pedestrians and cyclists, they run red lights, pollute the air we breathe, block the road from pedestrian traffic, make ever increasing noise and blatantly refuse to slow down or give way, even when it's pissing down rain.

In some of the worst cases, caught on camera by GKCNN, they even drive on the streets while speaking or text messaging on a mobile phone.

Finding new and creative ways of breaking the road code has been turned into an art form by a growing band of motor vehicle maniacs and road-ragers.

Professional couriers and trucks, long among the greatest offenders, have been joined in their law-breaking ways by a range of other motorcyclists of all ages.

It took us just three minutes yesterday to compile a series of more than a dozen photographs showing motor vehicles endangering others.

When GKCNN showed the photos to pedestrians and cyclists yesterday, they said the examples concerned them -- and flagged a blitz on dangerous motor vehicles.

"As a regular pedestrian and cyclist I have experienced inappropriate behaviour by motor vehicles," Mr Accosted said.

"The GKCNN photos highlight some of the issues that need more attention.

"This includes not obeying traffic signals, speeding, ever increasing noise and polluting our air.

"All drivers have a responsibility to obey the road rules, make less noise and stop polluting the air like every other cyclist and pedestrian. Health, safety and courtesy are the community's priority.

"That's why the community wants to know why the roads Minister Michael Costa hasn't asked the police Minister Ken Moroney, Roads and Traffic Authority and the NSW Environment Protection Authority whether more can be done, including; Banning private vehicles from the city centre, education similar to other pedestrians and cyclists, effective enforcement of the human right to breathe air and enjoy less noise pollution, and pedestrian and cyclists rules.

I have raised this article to get you to email those responsible like the Federal Government, the Daily Terror, roads Minister's like Mr Michael Costa, Police Minister's like Mr Carl Scully, The RTA and the EPA to get them to do more, including education, banning motor vehicles in the city, upholding pollution health standards and effective enforcement of the road rules."

Sydney's motor vehicle population is booming. Statistics show more deaths are cause by cars than pedestrians and cyclists throughout Australia.

While a war on errant motor vehicles is looming, Bicycle NSW chief executive officer Alex Unwin said some cyclists may be forced to break the rules in the interests of their own safety.

"On a bike on the road if you have an altercation with a car you'll come off second best," Mr Unwin said.

"So generally cyclists are sensitive to their safety and focused on ensuring they don't get knocked over.

"Sometimes the smartest thing is to hop on to the footpath so they don't get squashed by a truck."

Fears arose that motor vehicle issues would be downgraded when the RTA's car and truck general manager closed his eyes to the problems created by speeding, road rage, noise pollution and motor vehicle emissions. Placing all pedestrians and cyclists in grave danger.

But sources say the role had been manipulated by the motor vehicle industry. Corporations who've failed to consider the damage they create on the population for profit and they should manage motor vehicles manufactures like they do criminals, drunken drivers and road rages otherwise they're just giving us spin when they attempt to downgrade cyclists and pedestrians like the article in the Daily Terror today.

Drivers spoken to by GKCNN yesterday said their numbers were growing rapidly in most suburbs. "Many want the benefits of driving -- it's lazy, easy to get around, and simply fun," one said.



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