Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Who owns media ethics? Zoom Zoom Zoom?

For example: We don't want youth to die speeding on the road killing themselves. The media ads, "Zoom Zoom Zoom!"

The Federal Government will reopen negotiations with key independent senators, in a bid to win their support for an overhaul of Australia's media ownership laws.

But who owns the media ethics? The government of the day? The highest bidder? The biggest earner? The greatest spinner? Those that ask the least questions? Tell the biggest lies?

A community would be grateful for diversity of opinions, honesty in real news, media and advertising. People who are prepared to ask our political leaders and entrepreneurs the right questions. But I think the challenge is the "contradictions" that are now being set by corporate media constantly!

For example: We don't want youth to die speeding on the road killing themselves. The media ads, "Zoom Zoom Zoom!"

So to support corporate media there is a contradiction in terms about what the community requires and what the corporate media sponsors want. There are many examples that are contradictory in media advertising opposed to community values and standards.

Values and standards are undermined by the Power. Like the tongue crossing all boundaries to get to the beer. What about news that tells us we'll die of sun cancer if we don't use a brand new pharmaceutical just on the market etc.

On the one hand there is an attempt to tell the community what standards there are and another hand to take it away.

Promotion of government schemes or multinational corporate products. Schemes or products that earn interest for the media group, empire, etc.

Throw that into the melting pot for an additional end of the year bonus. In the grand scheme of things the media is not setting an example for our community. Using the Power to promote community values then undermining those same values during the add break or on the add below the article.

Every government agency has its own media personnel who try to whip up an angle that suits them like the police media who tell us what they want us to believe regardless of the truth. If reporters don't do the job for the police the threat is they don't get the work.

The Daily Telegraph this year is another example of using the power unlawfully.

Throwing money at a prisoner to break the law and take photos of another high profile prisoner for an article that would exploit the prisoners.

The Daily Telegraph's prison mates

Daily Telegraph asked to pay Jim's Legal Bill

Australian media asking for the death penalty for the Bali bombers is another example of contradictory values and cross-cultural differences using the power.

These corporations are out of control and don't need to own more than one newspaper or television station and some of them don't even deserve ownership of any kind because they lack community standards, values and ethics.
The Australian newspaper and corporate media are the conduits of such lies about the government's agenda!

Is that what the Australian was being told by the government or have they lost their powers to ask questions?

Better still why didn't a senior government source tell GKCNN? GKCNN would ask specific question before writing untruths? The Howard Government promotes fear about anyone's intentions prompted by the fascist Howard Government.

Fascist wants more power for ASIO

How the Daily Terror seduced an Aussie public?

Six months ago the Senate rejected the Government's media ownership bill, which would have allowed media companies to own a newspaper and television station in the same city.
Last night the bill again passed the House of Representatives and Communications Minister Daryl Williams says it will be returned to the upper house early next year.

"We are willing to talk to senators who are willing to work with Government to reduce the restrictions on foreign and cross media ownership," he said.

"We've got to get the balance right between ensuring that there is diversity of ownership and diversity of opinion on the one hand, but we have to encourage participation in the media by people who are prepared to invest."

By Independent Media 2 December 03

RALPH: No we've got the balance wrong between ensuring that there is a diversity of ownership and diversity of opinion on the one hand and instead we have a diversity of corporate greed, lies and political grandstanding more like it.

As with schools and hospitals the community has the right to nurture itself. What is the good of greedy people who lie and who are prepared to invest? If corporate media can't give the community lie free information; we have to do the job ourselves.