Monday, May 9, 2005

Vale Rene Rivkin

NSW: Rene Rivkin, a Sydney Stockbroker took his own life after a several of years of abuse by the courts, prisons and other people in governmental institutions.

Rene suffered periodic depression like his father who committed suicide, and like his father he took his own life.

Rene was attacked for his wealth. Others envious of his success lambasted and manipulated him in the media. When he supposedly made a small mistake in his multi million-dollar business from which he is accused of making $400.00 profit he was found guilty of insider trading and sent to prison.

It was clear during his court appearances that he was mentally ill. In prison he collapsed and was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Surgery for this commenced but right after this he was forced back to prison to finish his sentence. He then sank into a severe depression from which he did not emerge spending his term in the prison hospital.

The faceless people in government institutions are still investigating his business affairs fuelling the rumour mills of the Australian media accusing him of making illicit profit from insurance when a printing factory burnt down after a staff barbecue.

If Rene Rivkin did wrong his wrongs appear trifling, insignificant compared to the wrongs of his accusers did to him. They killed Rene Rivkin with callousness fuelled by envy.

Anthony York
Mental Health Spokesperson

By Anthony York posted 9 May 05


Rene Rivkin beaten to death by Media and Judge!
RENE Rivkin committed suicide last Sunday; after he was nearly beaten to death by the mainstream media and the Judge who sentenced him, which no doubt had an impact on his marriage, after 32 years.

Community: Daily Telegraph, you're out of "touch"
This morning the Daily Telegraph has reported that, "judges and Magistrates are out of touch on every crime and penalties should be increased." Turn up for the books? The Daily Telegraph's paid a NSW prisoner $3,000 to go into the prison while doing weekend detention to take a picture of Renee Rivkin. Police failed to lay any charges against the Terror's reporter.

The Daily Telegraph licensed to set up prisoners?
A man who smuggled a mobile phone into a Sydney jail and took pictures of stockbroker Rene Rivkin has been sentenced to 400 hours of community service.

Daily Telegraph asked to pay Jim's Legal Bill
A man has pleaded guilty in a Sydney court to smuggling a mobile phone into Silverwater jail, which was then used to take photographs of convicted insider trader Rene Rivkin.

The Daily Telegraph's prison mates
Who convinced a prisoner on periodic detention to take a mobile phone into prison to take a photo of Rene Rivkin? The prisoner said no and contacted the Daily Terror to say no.

A proper Sentencing Council, such as the one proposed by the Carr Government, would not have sent Rene Rivkin to jail, locked as a slave in a box.

Beam me down Scottie! - We gotta get out of this place
Rene Rivkin may have needed a lesson but did he have to go to jail? The best practice is to divert people like Rivkin away from prison and encourage things like Community Service Orders.