Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hope 2005 World Summit

Invitation to lead a delegation and make a presentation at the Hope 2005 World Summit. India anyone?

To The Director, Justice Action, 65 Bellevue Street Glebe NSW Australia 2037

Dear Director,


Invitation to head a delegation of experts from Justice Action, & make a presentation, on the subject of "Human Rights & Discriminations" at the Hope 2005 World Summit, being held in India in November 2005.

Organised by DAIRRC in association with the Ministry of Health, Government of India,

At the outset we would like to place on record our admiration of your endeavours and commendable activities in monitoring the treatment of Aboriginal people in police and justice custody, the main focus being to monitor any deaths in custody, including police pursuits, and any breaches of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Recommendations.

The premise:-
You will agree that ever since humankind has misused its creative ability, and tried to tamper with natural perfection, it has only succeeded in disturbing the extremely fragile balance of nature, and this has led to the creation of a host of human made miseries/diseases. While at times, we have deluded ourselves by hiding behind fa?ades of 'necessary development and scientific progress', the fact remains, that we have taken undue advantage of Mother Nature, and it is high time, that we began to make serious amends..

One need not look further than one's doorstep to see the ravages of human excess. It is evident in each and every aspect of life, today.

Below are facts that speak for themselves.

* The gap between the human rights' vision of an equal and just world and the actual state of inequality in the 'global village' is creating feelings of humiliation that are intensely wounding.
* The world's poor are facing a worsening life-situation at the same time as they are learning that such a situation 'ought not' to prevail.
* Today, we have a long list of sources of discrimination which have become socially illegitimate: class, race, ethnicity, "indigenicity," gender, age, sexuality, disabilities. And this list is constantly being augmented.
* No country can claim a perfect human rights record.
* In 2000, there were 39 percent of the world's population people living in Free societies, 26 percent living in Partly Free societies and 35 percent living in Not Free societies.
* There continues to be a serious gap between words and actions in the field of human rights.
* There is religious repression and discrimination in every region of the world.
* Violence against women remained a pervasive problem, cutting across social and economic lines. Domestic and sexual violence against women is found on every continent.
* Around the world, children face dangerous and unhealthy conditions, working in factories, fields, and sweatshops, as domestic servants, or, in some cases, as prostitutes. The trafficking of children for forced labor, prostitution, and pornography is a growing and lucrative business for criminals. In many cities large numbers of street children lack shelter, food, education, and support and are vulnerable to many forms of abuse
* The rapidly growing global problem of human trafficking, affects countries and families on every continent. Traffickers prey upon women, children, and men from all walks of life, and of every age, religion, and culture.
*There are widespread violations of laws relating to surveillance of communications, even in the most democratic of countries

We invite you to join us in addressing the issue of Human Rights & Discriminations , which is one of the 5 main issues that threaten our planet's survival.

Who we are:-
DAIRRC is India's premier institution for the last two decades, involved in the crusade against Substance Abuse and its related problems including HIV/AIDS.

It has ingeniously discovered time tested techniques of identification, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation of victims of Substance Abuse. Through its voluntary treatment and rehabilitation schemes it is in a position to have a unbiased view on the issues arising from Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS from the Indian perspective.

DAIRRC has Special Consultative Status with the United Nations' Economic and Social Council.

Our past conferences:-
DAIRRC, along with UNAIDS, United Nations Drug Control Programme, National AIDS Control Organisation and the Ministry of Health, Government of India, had earlier convened Hope 2000 and Hope 2002 which were extremely successful International Conferences on HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse, in India at the Taj President Hotel, and the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, respectively.

Both these conferences have been highly praised by the International Community which regard them as milestones in the area of HIV and Substance Abuse Prevention and Control in the Asia Pacific region.

During these conferences, over 200 delegates, including International experts from Drug Demand Reduction as well as Drug Supply Reduction, Health and Medicine, Trade and Industry, Helplines and Adjuvant Therapeutic Groups, Youth and Social Workers' Organisations had attended and shared their expertise.

These were the only occasions, when such a distinguished group of international professionals in these fields had gathered together under one roof in India, and the forum of discussions that took place, has certainly indicated the possibility of a more streamlined approach towards HIV and Substance Abuse Prevention and Control.

To view details of our earlier conferences, kindly visit the following pages:

Hope Conference Main

Our next step::-
We at DAIRRC now intend to utilize the experience, gained from these conferences, to organize the Hope 2005 World Summit, which will simultaneously address the 5 main issues threatening human survival.

1) Environment 2) Alcohol/Drug Abuse 3) HIV/AIDS 4) Population 5) Human Rights

The Hope 2005 World Summit on Human Rights will be convened at the Taj Hotel, Mumbai, India, from the 3rd to 5th November 2005.

International experts from Human Rights Information, Education & Communication Agencies, Enforcement, Health and Medicine, Trade and Industry, Helplines and Adjuvant Groups, Youth and Social Workers' Organizations will convene and share their expertise at this conference.

We would be highly obliged if you consent to head a delegation of experts from Justice Action, & make a presentation, on the subject of "Human Rights & Discriminations" at the conference, and thus contribute to the knowledge pool generated at Hope 2005, thereby permitting the world to benefit from your experience and expertise.

In case you are unable to attend the conference in person, we request you to arrange to depute a senior member of your organisation, along with a delegation of experts (up to a maximum of 4 members), who can represent your organisation, in your place, and share your views and expertise with the world.

Besides sharing your expertise, you could also get yourself and your team better acquainted with the different aspects of Human Rights Information, Education & Communication, equip yourselves with the latest developments in techniques and methodologies, and form your independent task force, which will certainly go a long way towards enhancing the crusade for Human Rights Protection.

Further, we also request you, to kindly circulate this invitation among other members of your organisation, if possible through your newsletter.

Registration Fees: Payments should be made in United States Dollars.

Registration Fees:
* Registration fees paid till 28 Feb 2005 = US$ 380.00
* Registration fees paid from 1 Mar 2005 till 30 June 2005 = US$ 480.00
* Registration fees paid after after 1 July 2005 = US$ 600.00

Student delegates under the age of 26 years with a valid Student's Identity Card are offered a special registration rate of US$ 250-00.

Mode of payment of registration fees is indicated on the Registration Form

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 6.00 pm on 31st July 2005.

All delegates including speakers have to pay for their own travel, registration fees, accommodation etc. We do not offer sponsorships of any kind.

For more details, you may either visit the Conference Website:

Or send e-mail to:

With a copy of your correspondence, to

In order to facilitate prompt replies from our end, to all your queries.

We look forward to your participation at the conference.

With love, prayers and warm regards,

Dr.Yusuf Merchant
Hope 2005

H-1, Sitaram Building, Palton Road, Mumbai - 400 001, INDIA
Tel: 0091-22-2343 2617
Fax: 0091-22-2342 1416

By Justice Action 21 April 05


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