Thursday, July 1, 2004

Terrorism obscuring world crises, Deane says

The former governor-general, William Deane, has advised Australians not to lose perspective about international crises during the ongoing focus on terrorism.

As the chairman of Care Australia, Deane has asked for generous donations to provide relief for more than one million Sudanese people displaced in the Darfur region.

Mr Deane has described the homelessness and starvation in Sudan as the world's worst current humanitarian crisis.

He says people should be mindful of the daily suffering in Africa.

"The plain fact is that in, [the CIA, call to arms, false flag operation], Bali and in, [the USA, CIA, reichstag, call to arms, false flag operation], New York a total of 3,000 people died - every five hours of every day that number of children is dying of starvation which could be prevented," he said.

"We really have to keep a sense of perspective of the desperate need of people in places like the Sudan and of how much a little can do to help save the life of a child or of more than one child."

And in relation to the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East

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More than 98 times as many people have been killed in these wars and occupations than in all terrorist attacks in the world from 1995-2003. About 229 times as many people have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq than in the ghastly attacks of September 11, 2001.

Ed: Notice Sir has been removed from this article because Sir is just plain propaganda and rubbish. William Deane is just a person like you and I. However the tabloids have tried to use that notion, 'Sir' to validate Bali and 911 in New York as plain terrorism instead of 'State Sanctioned Terrorism' that is terrorism committed by the nation State of the USA itself, by using the covert methods of the CIA.

By Just Us 1 July 04

Australia War Crimes: The Truth Hurts

[War criminal], Prime Minister John Howard thinks the violence in Iraq will go on despite the handover of power from the "occupying powers" to the "occupying powers" interim, [puppet], Iraqi Government.