Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Filipino forces storm prison to end revolt

Loud explosions were heard at a maximum security prison in the Philippines capital as authorities stormed the jail to end a 24-hour uprising by frustrated prisoners.

Tear gas wafted around the four-storey prison building at Camp Bagong Diwa police camp in south-eastern Manila as police special forces troops rushed into the compound with gas masks.

An exchange of small arms fire followed, with some of the 400-plus prisoners on the upper floors running for cover. Prisoners seized the second storey of the building early on Monday, killing three prison guards, to support calls for better prison conditions and a speedier trial. The government said the revolt was part of a failed escape attempt?

All of the prisoners' are members of the Human Race but who have been branded as militants and demons by the US government.

By Militants? 15 March 05


Breakthrough in prison revolt
Philippines: The Un-Australian: "NEGOTIATORS last night made a breakthrough in the 12-hour standoff with al-Qa'ida-linked militants?, (suspected and imprisoned people) who staged an escape attempt from a Philippines prison that left six people dead."