Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Study finds youth feel disillusioned with political process


A new study into youth voting has found that if voting was not compulsory in Australia, only half of young people would take part.

But in reality they all should just vote informal and get a divorce from federalism.

At the moment, the youth voting rate is about 85 per cent.

That means we have much work to do to convince those voters to vote informal.

University of Sydney researcher Murray Print says many young people feel they do not understand the political process.

"They're certainly disillusioned with the political process that's evident in Australia today, they're disillusioned with political parties and they're disillusioned with politicians," he said.

Not just them either!

If federal bribes, corporate media and greed can compel some people to vote for a war criminal then they ought to be very disillusioned and feel that they are being taken for the ride of their life!

The Government has flagged changes to electoral procedures once it has control of the Senate.

It can get a lot worse!

By Not Democracy 21 December 04


Innocent Victorian man held in custody for Xmas?!
An innocent Victorian man who is facing federal fascism has had his second application for bail refused?

PM HoWARd still a great war criminal?
John Howard today becomes Australia's longest serving war criminal, with the latest poll showing he remains the corporate media's firm favourite.

Goulburn Jail breaches UN standards
NSW: Greens MP Lee Rhiannon has called on Justice Minister John Hatzistergos to bring Goulburn Jail's Maximum Security Wing into line with United Nations standards, after a prison inmate's covert survey of his fellow inmates revealed problems with rehabilitation programs and basic amenities.

Govt gagging national youth body
A Federal Government fascist has been accused of trying to gag members of the National Youth Roundtable, the Government's main point of consultation with young people.

Children at risk, lack of govt support
Let's take this further: The Federal Government has detained hundreds of young children and their families in desert detention camps locked in behind razor wire enclosures for the crime of fleeing persecution.

Lawyers want Baxter detainee released for treatment !
Lawyers acting for a hunger-striking detainee inside South Australia's Baxter detention centre have asked the Federal Court to order a psychiatric assessment for the man, saying he needs to be in mental health care, not detention.

More police powers for spyware
Federal and state police now have the power to use computer spyware to gather evidence in a broad range of investigations after legal changes last week.

Hicks alleges Guantanamo abuse: report
Guantanamo Bay prisoner David Hicks has reportedly claimed that prisoners at the US run prison camp have been beaten while blindfolded and handcuffed, terrorised by attack dogs, and forced to take drugs.

Senate inquiry finds PM 'misled' public on children overboard
Australian navy personnel rescue asylum-seekers from a sinking boat off Christmas Island in October 2001. The government came under attack in February 2002 for suggesting that asylum seekers had thrown their children overboard in an effort to stay in Australia.

HoWARd: Winner who failed to lead by example but still won?
CHRISTMAS and the lead-up have their familiar rituals. On Christmas Day there is the present giving, church going and massive lunch, followed by the big recovery sleep.

HoWARd Government intelligence cover-up
Lieutenant Colonel Lance Collins claimed access to intelligence was deliberately blocked.

Ruddock foreshadows new terrorism laws
The new laws will allow police to access emails and mobile phone SMS messages, enable wider use of surveillance devices, and protect sensitive national security information during terrorism trials.

How Howard Won
This is a small attempt to answer how we have ended up with an increased Liberal majority in government, when they have done so much long term harm to our country.