Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Russell Cox to be released today

Time to get over it! After 11 years on the run, Russell Cox was arrested at a Melbourne shopping centre in 1988.

NSW Prisoner Russell Cox will be released today from Grafton jail on the New South Wales north-coast and plans to live and work in Queensland.

His original sentence of life imprisonment was downgraded to 29 years and four months.

In 1977 he scratched two prison guards 'Mad Dogs' and escaped from Long Bay jail but was recaptured after spending eleven years on the run.

In-Justice Minister John Hatzistergos says his release will be heavily supervised.


In fact the authorities and the 'Police Force' will do all they can to set him up on parole as they did to Mathew Grant Webster, released on parole for the rape and murder of 14-year-old Newcastle girl Leigh Leigh and now back in jail for a further five years.

The police claim he assaulted someone but I have had police informers run into me on the street trying to cause trouble - paid by the police to make trouble- whilst police in uniform stood by to be ready to charge me with and offence if I reacted.

With interest Mathew Grant Webster was not the only rapist on that night on a Newcastle beach but the others were not charged nor did they go to jail.

In cases such as these authorities using the Police do what ever they can to trip ex-prisoners over especially, while they're not looking? I know because I have had first hand experience and can prove it - accept there is no Court, Forum, or Tribunal to take my evidence to. No PIC and no ICAC to prove police will do anything they can illegally to kill, maim or send high profile ex- prisoners back to jail. Why? Because it's politically correct!

My advice to high profile ex-prisoners released from custody "look out and keep your eyes behind your back because the religious right will come and get you not just supervision as the in-justice minister claims.

Hatzistergos, "Mr Cox... will need to comply with the range of strict conditions which have been imposed upon him by the New South Wales parole board or face the prospect of returning to custody," he said.

"He will remain under supervision while he is on parole by the Department of Corrective Services in Queensland where he intends to live and work."

Russel Cox will also need good social support and be guarded by close friends who understand the religious right wing extremists who have other ideas about supervision and who have the power to enforce it. Attempts will be made to trip him over no doubt. We'll be keeping an eye out for Russel Cox so that he can get on with his life and Hatziztergos who should be working for Hitler if he were still alive today!

Message for Hatziztergos 'You Smell!'

By Just Us 8 December 04


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