Thursday, November 25, 2004

Jailed unionist thanks protesters for support

Jailed Victorian trade unionist Craig Johnston has sent a message of thanks to protesters who have called for his release.

Thousands of unionists marched through Melbourne today demanding the state Government grant clemency to the former state secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union.

Johnston has been jailed for a minimum nine months, over his part in two resistance protests on Melbourne businesses three years ago.

Michelle O'Neill, from the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union, read Johnston's message to the crowd.

"From my prison cell in Lodden, I thank you all for attending this rally," she read from the statement.

"I hope this rally is a start of the campaign to fight the Federal Government, which has decided to criminalise all your unions and union activity.

"Our challenge must be to say 'no more unionists are to go to jail'."

The Defend Craig Johnston Committee says he is a political prisoner.

By Just Us 25 November 04


HoWARd 'determined' to make the disabled woRK?
The Federal Government is considering a system of "coercion" and incentive to force the disabled to work. But what happened to 6 billion-budget surpluses? Why do they need to force disabled people to work? Do they need more money and less disabled people? Or would they rather spend the money on WAR?

ACTU critical of proposed new workplace laws
The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) believes new laws to be introduced into Federal Parliament today will incite bullying and harassment in the workplace.

Strike action threat over uni plans
Unions are threatening national strike action if the Federal Government pushes ahead with new workplace relations requirements for Australia's universities.

How Howard Won
Dr Jim Cairns the Deputy PM said in 1975 "I think it's now not possible for a government to be elected, or to remain in office, if opposed by the media complex". We have a situation in Australia where the media and the government are ideologically as one.

Building Industry Bill condemned by the community
The Community has joined the building workers in support of their condemnation of the (Capitalists) Building Industry Bill. Mr United from Justice Action a social justice group told GKCNN, "This is a blatant attack on social justice by greedy capitalists who wish to dictate and lie to workers and the community." They want to put you in jail if you don't work with crummy conditions and wages". He said.