Friday, August 13, 2004

Senate passes FTA deal amid US lies

The legislation for Australia's Free Trade, [Raid], Agreement (FTA), [FRA on Iraq], with the United States has passed the Senate, along with Labor's amendments.

The vote came after two weeks of "drama" in Senate, which was meant to give the impression that this deal was debated.

But sources say it was a deal that Lib/Lab would never put in any doubt because it is the means to return the favour from the US for the millions outlaid by Australia on the war on Iraq.

The Greens, the Democrats and One Nation Senator Len Harris, [allegedly], argued against the deal.

But the Coalition and Labor combined to pass the legislation after the Government agreed to back the Opposition's amendments. [?]

Earlier, Federal Labor leader Mark Latham said it was not surprising that the United States wanted to examine the FTA legislation, including Labor's amendments, before deciding whether it is acceptable. [?]

The US Trade Representative spokesman, Richard Mills, issued a statement confirming the US has the right to walk away from the deal if the supporting legislation is not consistent with the agreement.

"We understand that the FTA implementing legislation and amendments pose important issues in Australia, just as they did in the United States," Mr Mills said in a statement.

Bullshit! They'll lick it up like 'ice cream' and even put 'strawberries' on top.

The United States had chosen not to intervene in Australia 'at this point', he said. [?]

"We have stated that it is Australia's obligation to implement the FTA in a manner consistent with both the terms of the FTA and international intellectual property agreements," Mr Mills warned. [?]

"We've made clear that the United States must certify that the implementation language fulfils the obligations under the FTA before the FTA can come into force. We reserve all our rights in this process."[?]

Washington had given no support to the Australian legal amendments, Mr Mills said.

But they'll still lick it up like ice cream with 'strawberries' and now 'chocolate flavouring'!

Mr Latham has, [said], that Labor has discussed its amendments with the US Trade Office and the American embassy and no concerns have been raised.

Mr Latham says he is not worried about the overnight reaction from the US....

"I've got the statement in front of me and they say they are going through the process to examine our legislation. That is the standard process," he said.

"Australia would be examining the legislation that passed through the United States Congress.

"Both nations have got to be confident the enabling laws are consistent with the text of the FTA, so that's standard process and I'm sure that'll happen in both countries."

However, [war criminal], Prime Minister John Howard has, [said], the United States could walk away from the deal unless they are satisfied the Australian Parliament's legislation and amendments comply with the deal's text. [?]

"Unfortunately Mr Latham and Senator Conroy tried to give the impression they got a tick from the Americans about their amendment," he said.

"Well the Trade Representative spokesman made it very clear he did not give it a tick, he's reserving his rights."

The US just purchased Australian trade and they aren't going to knock back the favour Australia gave them in their illegal war on Iraq, that was the real deal and that deal will stand 'Mark my words'... Ho-WAR-d and Lib/Lab.

Meanwhile, Trade Minister Mark Vaile says the Federal Government is still committed to seeing the deal pass through Parliament today.

But Mr Vaile has reiterated the Prime Minister's concern that it could be challenged by the United States. [?]

"If the US thinks that these amendments...are not compliant with the agreement as negotiated, I would imagine they will notify us and indicate that," he said.

"Then we'll have to look at what sort of a process we might have to go through to ameliorate that.

"That may necessitate bringing his legislation back to the Parliament for amendment.

"Now we've told the Labor Party that, we've told them that if that is the eventuality then it is their fault and on their head."

By Free Raid Agreement 13 August 04

THE DOG: Follow the black money trail and it leads all the way to Iraq but our concession for the money laundering process is to sell out to the U.S. The money trail appears legitimate under the heading of "Free Trade". But in reality it's a pay-off for a criminal act perpetrated on a foreign country and in collusion with the U.S. Not free trade.


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