Friday, May 21, 2004

Protesters mock Alan Jones and John Howard's PR stunt!



Laws: Well what do our listeners think about John Howard's 30 years in politics this morning I have professor David Flint on the line from the Australian Broadcasting Authority to tell us all about it. Hello David?

David Flint: Hello listeners well, John Howard was hosted by my mate Alan Jones at a fundraising dinner last night at the Horden Pavillion pity he was mocked by protesters though.

Laws: And I suppose no better time and place could there be for protest? The Stop the War Coalition, the Greens, Socialist Alliance and others organised a picket to show the opposition to him and the Liberal Party.

Flint: Yeah, but Howard used the occasion to rally support for the upcoming federal election, I think he may have been a bit disappointed about people complaining about Human Rights.

Laws: Howard used his speech to detail his Government's achievements over the past eight years - including children overboard, detaining children in detention centres, locking up refugees in prisons, the Terrorist Act, detaining innocent men in solitary confinement in Australian jails, the invasion of Iraq, the occupation of Iraq, the torture of David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib, the US free trade agreement, Medicare, university fees, attacking unions, ripping off East Timor's oil resources, support for Israel's occupation of Palastine, undermining U.N. International Law, undermining the U.N. convention on the rights of the child, undermining the Geneva Convention in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not to mention bribing our children over equal education and lying to every man woman and child in the country, as well as locking up two members of One Nation David Etheridge and Pauline Hanson members of a political party opposing his government, and he undermined ATSIC.

Flint: Well Howard's glowing report card of inappropriate behaviour towards others doesn't affect the right wing conservatives, they really think its fair under the heading of prestige and capitalism. It's not what you know John it's who you get into bed with.

Laws: Thank you David I'm sure you will be pursuing many more breaches of the ABA in the future and making sure that it really doesn't matter who you're dealing with, you have standards at the ABA.

Laws: You mean standards for the religious right!

Flint: As I have said before John I have no affiliation with Jones or Howard we just play golf together from time to time.

Laws: Thank you for speaking to our listeners this morning David and good luck with the ABA. Well perhaps we could hear from some of the listeners out there, I have Moqtada al-Sardr on the line from Iraq. Hello Moqtada.

Moqtada: Hello from Iraq all my fellow Muslims and believers. God is great!

Laws: Well what are your demands on the Australian people Mr al-Sardr?

Moqtada: Well what we are asking is for John Howard to get his militants out of Iraq.

Laws: Do you think he'll listen to your demands?

Moqtada: Well he should after all this is our country! How would he like it if I bombed imprisoned, tortured and humiliated Australian citizens whilst occupying Australia?

Laws: The Prime Minister told his party supporters last night that Australia's involvement in Iraq is one of the most difficult decisions his Government has made and has listed it as one of his major achievements.

Moqtada: But he fell short of nominating to blow up his own family in order to fix a problem he had in Iraq. Seems that it's okay to blow away a few other families as collateral damage, just so a democratic nation can be reborn through his eyes but certainly not through the eyes of the dead.

Laws: Well you have to listen to what John Howard said Moqtada, he said,

"I think of the difficult, very difficult, but crucial decision we took to join the US, UK and other countries in military action in Iraq."

Moqtada: Well how difficult was it for Howard to pick up the black money as payment cloaked as an alleged Free Trade Agreement with Uncle Sam, privatising the sovereignty of his own nation in the name of National Security at a time when more Australians should feel insecure about their future than ever before, after what they have done to us Iraq's.

Laws: Are you trying to threaten the Australian people over this occupation?

Moqtada: We are saying get out of Iraq it's none of your business, if your business is occupation then your Prime Minister needs psychiatric help, obviously Howard has passed his use-by date and It's time for Howard to go!

Laws: Well thank you Moqtada for talking to our listeners today we wish you all the best in the future.

Moqtada: Thank you John!


Laws: We are trying to get Alan Jones on the line after this message from our sponsor, Telstra.

Will someone contact Jones I have a hungry audience?


By John Laws 21 May 04


Howard's bribe political nonsense!
Almost 10,000 NSW children will be denied a bribe of $700 handed out to help them read and write because of a political bun fight between the State and Federal Governments? Or because Howard's bribe is being used as leverage to get satisfactory results from State governments about education policy?

Govt moves to strip prisoners' voting rights
The Australian Council for Civil Liberties has condemned a Federal Government move to stop prisoners voting. Under current laws, prisoners serving less than five years can vote.

Editorial: Latham passed budget test
Yesterday he was talking about services and the ladder of opportunity he says all Australians should be able to climb the ladder that has rungs. Like health, welfare and education as well as job prospects for our youth.

Report recommends freeing child detainees
The Human Rights Commission has found that some children held in Australia's immigration detention centres have been exposed to cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.

Australian Prisons Message of Solidarity: Greens
The war on terrorism, [the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East], which, [war criminal], John Howard claims may last decades, means that unfortunately more and more people will be put into the HRMU. Given the extent and scope of the terrorism laws, [draconian scapegoat laws], that have been introduced since, [the US, CIA, reichstag, call to arms, false flag operation], September 11, many of which abrogate fundamental civil and political rights, it is also likely that many of the people put in the HRMU will be innocent.

Australia: F-word used in erection year
"Go home and do your patriotic duty tonight," Costello mischievously demanded of Australians, ensuring his pre-poll spending spree was forever remembered as the "erection budget".

Update: ATSIC Abolition:
On 16 April 2004 on the Jeremey Cordeaux Radio show South Australian Premier Mike Rann attacked ATSIC as a disgrace and falsely alleged it was wasting the $2.6 Billion. Jeremey wrongly claimed it was 2003-2004 budget (the figure is a better approximation of the the MAINSTREAM $Bs amount that the Federal Liberal Government took from ATSIC and already gives annually to mainstream Commonwealth Departments from 1996).

Govt urged to invest more in public schools
The Australian Democrats are calling for the Howard Government to allocate an extra $2 billion each year for Government schools. Democrats schools spokeswoman, Lyn Allison, says the Prime Minister must invest heavily in public education to reverse the decline in government school enrollments.

Australia: Prisoner Abuse Not Just in Iraq
The shocking revelations of abuse of prisoners by US prison guards in Iraq have been denounced by politicians around the world, including our own [war criminal], Prime Minister.

Work for the dole? $10.00?
StandUp! Wishes to draw your attention to a serious attack on all of us--work for the dole. We were assured that unemployed would not be forced to work in areas where employed workers would normally be employed.

Young men terrorised, tortured, and threatened with charges for no crime by Australia mate the lucky country. Lucky if you're not used for Howard's FEDERAL ELECTION and George Dubya's WAR ON LIBERTY! Who shot liberty? IGNORANCE!

F-word used in erection year
WHO said the Treasurer was routinely a purveyor of boring statistics and bad news?

Steve Stefanowicz: Adelaides new torturer!
Ministers Ruddock, Vanstone and Downer have [Ed. - both from Adelaide!] to answer a very serious question.

Howard Vs Regina in Canberra the Capital Territory of Australia- Friday January 30 2004. Would the defendant please stand while I read out the judgement of this court.