Tuesday, January 20, 2004

QLD Libs push for curfews: QLD Election

10pm to 6am curfew for children under the age of 15

Qld election focus turns to law and order?

The Opposition has tackled the issue of law and order while on the campaign trail in Cairns. It has re-announced a policy to offer local councils and police the option of a teenage nighttime curfew.

The 10pm to 6am curfew for children under the age of 15 would only be imposed in trouble spots around Queensland. The Opposition says it would employ extra families services staff and extra police to enforce any curfews.

We spoke to Mr Brett Collins at Justice Action about the plan. Mr Collins said extra police to enforce a curfew is more damaging and not community building that would interest kids.

"Whether on the street or not kids require encouragement and nurturing. This should happen and by using existing individual and community structures that support families and should be community building."

"To threaten children with police frightens and alienates them. This will give them a negative reaction as threats do to adults."

Liberal leader Bob Quinn says the curfew would help protect children.

"It identifies children at risk early on," he said.

"It gives police the power to take children off the street, to take them home, to find out what's going on at home. Why are these kids on the street at two or three o'clock in the morning?"

By Nurture Nature 20 January 04

Ed: John Brogden wants to criminalise over 14 year olds found wandering the streets at night, by imposing a curfew. Just what the police need - babysitting duty. This is a policy guaranteed to introduce more young people to the juvenile justice system, and will have the distinction of ensuring that even more children are introduced to the notion of "police as enemy".

Some of us, Mr Brogden, have moved into the New Millennium, while others are still reaching back to Medieval practices for inspiration. Children and young people need safe, local and age-appropriate spaces to socialise, hang out, and sometimes, get help. Anyone who has or knows children can understand that "containment" of young people is a policy doomed to failure.

Michael Antrum
Lawyers Reform Association
Mobile: 0407 669 624


Brogden calls for 10pm curfew for under-14s
A curfew to keep children under 14 off the streets after 10pm should be tried in NSW, Opposition leader John Brogden said today.

NSW Calls for Brogden curfew
The citizens of New South Wales are calling for a curfew on outrages statements made by John Brogden about stealing children away from their parents. Threatening children is an offence.