Thursday, January 8, 2004

Charles guilty as sin? Or Lying-in-state?

Prince Charles and his sons William and Harry are said to be devastated by the decision of Royal Coroner Michael Burgess to seek a Scotland Yard investigation into the death of Princess Diana when it is clear as the nose on your face that Charles is guilty as sin?

I feel so sorry for William and Harry to have to question, through the back door, that their father and the authorities could have killed their mother and lied to them about it.

But was it for the sake of a Title? Frustration? Rage? Or Royal Pride? Nevertheless this process will take a long time to be integrated by William and Harry.

My reason to suggest that Charles is guilty? Is that it has taken such a long time to get the Royal Coroner on the job. No matter what the excuse this was an extraordinary death. Then when Scotland was about to go ahead with a Coronial Inquest suddenly the UK jumped up to get the job. This shows how manipulative The Monarchy and The Westminster System can be. Flawed?

In my mind the out-come is clear if this is the way we are expected to believe it will be investigated. After all how could a top UK cop and a Royal Coroner get it wrong? So very convincing?

That's how and why the Westminster system is flawed because it's full of clowns who investigate themselves. When will Government, Monarchs and police stop investigating themselves? When the government goes straight!

Then we have the letter from Princess Diana her self expressing her fears with accurate details of how she was going to be taken out.

The public surely has no confidence in the top dog at Scotland Yard not to do the right thing by the Royals and as for the Royal Coroner forget it he will take his recommendations from Oink Oink!

The fact is police don't solve crime they never have done.

When you read a story about how a cop solved a crime 9 times out of ten the cop fell over it because someone give the offender up. Eight times out of ten police found a prime witness. High profile cases have to get solved for public confidence so 7 times out of 10 they are manipulated events that take a long time to procure under the guise of Noble Cause Corruption.

There needs to be an independent inquiry into the forces behind the scenes that acted for and on behalf of England? The Westminster System?, The Monarchy? Right down to Charles himself because surely they did not act on behalf of the people in their quest for purity.

With respect for Lady Diana? Herself? Diana, who was perceived as mostly kind and graceful by the World and certainly not described as mentally ill, depressed about her new love etc as media reports have suggested. And this is the other reason why Charles is Guilty as Sin? Question the validity of the elements of propaganda purported by those who would otherwise have you believe that it was an accident.

Monarchs, consorts, and, rarely, very distinguished statesmen?

Don't stress out because the Uk's top cop is on the job to investigate? And having no competing interests?

Gladstone in 1898, followed by, in the last century, King George VI [1952], Queen Mary [1953] and Sir Winston Churchill [1965]. In April 2002 several hundred thousand people queued to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother, as she lay in state in Westminster Hall.

Is the Westminster System flawed?


The mood at Clarence House, Prince Charles's official residence in London, was described as one of "bewilderment and disbelief" following Mr Burgess's announcement on Tuesday.

The royal family received no warning about the new investigation, learning of the decision through news reports.

Prince Charles is now braced for another 18 months of damaging leaks from the police inquiry and further conspiracy theories about Diana's August 1997 death in a Paris car crash.

There is also no question now of he and Camilla Parker Bowles declaring their intention to marry until after the conclusion of the inquest, which could take 18 months.

A friend of Prince Charles said: "This is so hurtful for the prince and the boys. It is sad for everyone concerned. Diana died in tragic circumstances, which have been endlessly investigated in France.

"The princes so wanted to be able to put this to rest. Now it will be impossible. This new inquiry will legitimise even more lurid speculation because the rumours are now to be the subject of a police inquiry.

"We have a terrible sense of 'here we go again'."


How did it hurt Diana? How did it hurt William and Harry? How did it hurt the World losing Diana? And what damage will be done to the Westminster System if they go out of their way to cover it up? What damage will be done if they don't cover it up?


Such fears were immediately realised when London tabloid the Daily Mirror named Prince Charles as the person Diana suspected of plotting to kill her, so he could wed Ms Parker Bowles.

Clarence House refrained from any public comment about the allegation which, privately, courtiers regarded as "ridiculous". A spokesman said: "We are not commenting on this, I am afraid, but of course will co-operate with any new inquiry."

The Mirror reported that Diana claimed in a handwritten letter to former royal butler Paul Burrell that: "This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous -- my husband is planning 'an accident' in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry."

The letter was written 10 months before she died. The marriage had ended two months earlier. The letter was included in Mr Burrell's book A Royal Duty but the name of the individual identified by the princess was blanked out by the publishers.

While the Mirror claimed for the first time yesterday that Diana had written "my husband", the words were once again blanked out by the newspaper in the reproduced letter.

The omission of the phrase prompted the charge from the royal family that the newspaper did not in fact have a copy of the letter in which the two words were spelt out.

Mr Burrell maintained that the letter indicated the "evidence of the state of the princess's mind in the final months of her life".

But even the Mirror admitted in an editorial that the claim against the Prince of Wales would be seen as "utterly preposterous to many people".

There was also disbelief yesterday at Althorp, the ancestral seat of Diana's family. The Spencer family declined to comment but a friend said: "There have been mountains of rumours and speculation, which we would dearly like cleared-up.

"We have always sought to avoid becoming involved in any speculation and are not convinced that a new police inquiry will do that."

Mr Burgess is also conducting an inquest into Dodi's death. Dodi's father, Mohammed Fayed, was present at the hearing.

Outside, he accused the Duke of Edinburgh of being "a racist to the core" but said he hoped that the inquest would unravel the truth.

"It is absolutely black and white; it is a horrendous murder," Mr Fayed said, for the umpteenth time, but still with feeling.

By George Westminster 8 January 04

THE DOG: But even the Mirror admitted in an editorial that the claim against the Prince of Wales would be seen as "utterly preposterous to many people" BUT they still printed what 80 per cent of the world believes.

You can't help putting question marks along side these statements because like Pythagoras of Samos Born: about 569 BC in Samos, Ionia and who Died: about 475 BC

It is my understanding the myth of Pythagoras amongst other things was that he was chained by both hands. Hand in hand in a line together with others linked together facing the front. The image he had seen all his life he believed in.

Suddenly he broke from the chains and turned around to look behind him and what he saw was the truth and what he'd been looking at all his life was a reflection of what he had thought was the truth.

Go on! Break free from the chains and open yourself up there is no other way.



Is the Westminster System flawed?
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