Thursday, January 8, 2004

Queensland Disabilities Services: Bribie Island facility

QLD: In reference to your report about the Bribie Island facility, it is interesting to note the Minister's comments. Not only are adults with an intellectual disability being offered substandard services, they are tied to a system of funding which does NOT allow any real choices.

Any Endeavour client who has been a resident prior to the new funding arrangements (packages) finds themselves and their families and community advocates at odds with their service provider.

Recent allegations have ranged from restrictive practices to wilful neglect in regard to personal health and well being issues, and restricted community access and participation by the overzealous actions of management in penny pinching the fortunes of these clients who deserve better.

The recent publicity of the treatment of both young people and adults with a disability in respite and accommodation services highlights the major breakdown of the quality assurances that should be given to any human being who pays for a service funded by the State.

The Queensland Disabilities Services Department seem very happy to continue to fund any service provider without instigating the proper checks and monitoring that is necessary, especially when many clients cannot speak out for themselves.

There will be in increase in level of dissatisfaction felt and reported publicly by both clients, families and their advocates in demanding fair and equitable treatment of their complaints and the manner in which the DSQ have brushed aside, minimised and denigrated the clients in the same distasteful manner as the guilty service providers.

By Olivia MCM posted January 8 04


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