Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Disgraced NSW MP's must be sacked

Disgraced New South Wales upper house MP Malcolm Jones will address Parliament this morning to explain why he should not be expelled.

But who gave him this option?

The MP from the Outdoor Recreation Party was found guilty recently by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) of misusing his parliamentary entitlements.

Does a worker get a chance like that from his boss if police find that he is misusing his entitlements?

Oh! Excuse me boss but I misused my entitlements nevertheless I have a good reason why I ripped you off?

The ICAC recommended criminal charges be laid by the Director of Public Prosecutions and that Parliament expel him. New South Wales Treasurer Michael Egan will table a motion requiring Mr Jones to state his case before he faces an expulsion motion on September 16.

Mr Jones said last night he would prove his innocence in a detailed presentation to colleagues.

What the ICAC is a dud? Or Bob Carr is going to clear it with the ICAC?

He also said he was "devastated" when he read the ICAC findings.

Just like looking into the mirror? If you don't like what you see then why not change the way you behave?

He says while his lawyers have silenced him for the last nine months, he now has the chance to tell his story.

But Mr Jones was elected on the platform of a large number of minor parties in the infamous "table cloth ballet paper" election, some of which happened to have been registered solely for the purpose of siphoning votes from the major parties.

Unlike Pauline Hanson did this wasn't illegal at the time. Double trouble? Mr Jones you told your story to the (ICAC) means, Independent Commission Against Corruption. Not the (ICFC) the Independent Commission For Corruption. Either the Parliament of New South Wales has faith in the Commission or it doesn't?

Are you telling us that the ICAC is not to be believed? That you were set up? It's all a conspiracy?

By Setting An Example 3 September 03


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