Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Deprivation breeds bizarre SA murders: criminologist

Snowtown killers Robert Wagner, front, and John Bunting

An Adelaide criminologist has labeled South Australia a social hot house that encourages the breeding of people like the Snowtown killers.

He says it is no coincidence that the state has a high number of what he calls strange and bizarre murders.

"We're seeing a sub-culture which has arisen out of family breakdown, economic deprivation, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment," Mr Perry said.

"Lack of opportunity to the point where individuals within that sub-culture are so dehumanised so brutalised."

Just check out the state of the prison and you get a mirror image on the STATE itself.

Yatala Labour Prison Adelaide Going Backwoods

The church wants poverty on national agenda. The Uniting Church is today releasing five policy papers in an effort to get the issue of poverty on the national political agenda.

A director of UnitingCare, Lin Hatfield-Dodds, says the papers are based on feedback from the church's national network of 400 community service agencies around Australia.

Ms Hatfield-Dodds says hopefully all Australians, including politicians, will listen.

"The main message I think is that poverty exists in Australia - that it makes life really difficult for people but that if we actually work together we can make a difference," Ms Hatfield-Dodds said.

"So I guess one of the things we want to say is look, there are a lot of programs out there around in the country, a lot of really innovative programs that are really working effectively and we've got the capacity to roll those out nationally."

By How Low Can You Go 10 September 03


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