Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Green-eyed government money grab leaves only child defenceless

Sef Gonzales family's estate is locked away in the government's coffers?

Green-eyed the government can't wait while this defenceless lad gets no help. Where would the money go if the family was killed? Considering this lad was one of the family? Perhaps he should have donated it to Bob Carr's election next time round?

Even if a family faces the worst tragedy in the world and even a killing by a family member, if in fact that were the case, then the money would be family money for the survival of the children of the marriage.

A Sydney court has heard a man accused of triple murder [allegedly] posed as a police officer to help create an alibi.

The court is trying to determine whether there is enough evidence for Sef Gonzales to stand trial over the murder of his mother, father and sister.

Crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi, QC, told the court Gonzales claimed he was in a north shore brothel while his family was being slain at their North Ryde home in July 2001.

Tedeschi said it was the second alibi the 22-year-old had offered after sending a text message to a detective telling him "he hadn't been completely honest at the start".

It is alleged the defendant paid a cab driver $50 to say he had driven him to the brothel.

The Crown says Gonzales later rang the brothel posing as a police officer and asked questions about prostitutes' rosters in order to strengthen his alibi.

Meanwhile, the Court of Appeal yesterday rejected Gonzales' latest bid to use the family estate to fund his legal defence.

By Show Me The Money 19 August 03

THE RAT: Give the man a defence out of his family's estate. Perhaps the Judge could decide whether the money was being wasted? Or whether the money was going to be used properly in line with a parents wish.