Monday, August 18, 2003

The Daily Terror: Streets of fear?

[Allegedly] RESIDENTS in Premier Bob Carr's home suburb are afraid to go out at night due to violent assaults in the latest a five-week-old baby's skull was fractured.[?] Residents living around the Lexington Place shopping centre at Maroubra, fear a gang of 25-30 uncontrollable youths as young as 10 roaming the area.

[I don't think that would deter or make people afraid to go out at night, even if one depends on the emotive response to a gang of youths or even the plight of a young baby being victimised?]

[Anyway...] Lexington Place is about 1km east of where Jeremy Nunes and his five-week-old daughter Elizabeth were assaulted on Thursday night at Hinkler Rd, Maroubra.

Some residents say the Lexington Place youths roam right around Maroubra, including Hinkler Rd on their way to a KFC restaurant or Eastgardens.

The assault, which left baby Elizabeth with a fractured skull, has focused attention on social problems in the Premier's own backyard.

"People in my building don't want to go out after 6pm," resident Levent Uzun said.

Fear, fear and more fear...

Mr Uzun witnessed the vicious stabbing of a 30-year-old man, a neighbour in his Astoria Circuit unit block, on July 18.

He said the man was chased 30-40m from a car park to his front door by a gang of youths, the youngest 10 and the oldest 14.

He said the 14-year-old stabbed the man in the ribs with a 15cm knife.

[Here is a hint to the alleged terror propaganda story]

Mr Uzun said Mr Carr has not done enough to help the area.

"I saw him on polling day in March outside the local school, but that's the only time I've seen him around here," he said.

[So it's all about the fear of an election?]

Mr Carr has represented the seat of Maroubra for more than 20 years and lives in the suburb.

Call the police...

Residents Ying and John Morgan also want to see better police response times in the area, along with more foot patrols and improved lighting.

Fear, fear and more fear...

On the night of June 21, Mr Morgan was bashed by a group of youths in his front yard as he came out to investigate broken driveway lights.

In June, Mr Carr began rolling out a $575,000 "community solutions" program to include a youth outreach centre and more police patrols.

Randwick Mayor Dominic Sullivan said: "Maroubra doesn't have a crime problem but there is a problem of a petty criminal nature around Lexington Place."

Is the Daily Telegraph the hyperbole of the media's portrayal of crime?

By Fearmonger State Political Reporter 18 August 03