Sunday, July 27, 2003

Arroyo on the raspberry cordial?

Parody: PHILIPPINES: Arroyo on the raspberry cordial downplays mutiny damage.

The Philippines risked destroying its relationship with the United States if the military coup there succeeded, the White House warned. The stern reaction came as analysts predicted the mutiny would drive away investors and leave the country's near-term economic prospects in tatters.

A spokeswoman for the US State Department, Joanne Moore, said yesterday: "No one should be under any doubt that we fully support the legitimate civilian government of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Notice the key word legitimate. That means we need the spin!

Moore: "At this time we have no reason to believe that there is a real threat to the Arroyo Government. But let there be no mistake that a military coup would have immediate negative consequences, including consequences on the bilateral relationship."

Consequences that meter out the truth? At last!

The disgruntled troops accused the Government of corruption and colluding with rebels.

[They said it was over cordial. What flavour? Well the Raspberry flavoured cordial is worth the most one protestor said. "Moore power."]

They have dismantled what appear to be explosive devices they placed around a residential and office building in the centre of the capital. They told us not to worry. "Where on the green cordial." He said.

The troops had denied they were staging a coup and eventually dropped demands for President Arroyo to quit.

But the truth came out! I offered one soldier a bottle of orange flavoured cordial, for more information.

["The government's corrupt. They're on the Raspberry flavoured cordial." He said.]

[You mean Attention Deficit Disorder? "Yes exactly."]

The demonstrators listed in the manhunt are all army and naval officers. The demonstrators accuse the Government of selling arms to the Muslim separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front; claim the Government was behind fatal bombings in the southern city of Davao in March and April.

They accuse Dr Arroyo of planning to declare martial law next month by using bombings as a pretext to stay in power after her term ends next year.

The officers had said in a statement: "We are asking the present regime to step down because it is no different from the previous regimes. For this, we are ready to lay down our lives."

By Attention Deficit Disorder 27 July 03

So who's behind the terrorists?

US: Threat to Philippine protestors

The Philippines risked destroying its relationship with the United States if the military coup there succeeded, the White House warned.

If successful, he said, the coup would have a serious impact on the Philippines relations with Australia and other countries.

The Australian Federal Police Commissioner, Mick Keelty, said the Australian Government would consider sending forces to the Philippines, if Dr Arroyo asked for help.

But Mr Downer said there had been no request, and there was little other governments in the region could do to help but express their support.

By Australia Mate July 28 2003

THE RABBIT: But but but but but but but! Oh my God I wish my brother George was here.