Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Social services group says tax cuts increase rich-poor divide

Catholic [religious bondage] Welfare [Social Services] Australia says the Treasurer's modest tax cuts will disappear very quickly for anyone who has to take their child to the doctor because of an expected increase in medical costs.

Father Joe Caddy says the Budget will only increase the gap between the rich and poor.

"You'll have a two-tier society and gradually they'll just drift further and further apart," Father Caddy said.

"Pretty soon we're going to say 'what happened to egalitarian Australia?'

"There will be two Australias and the indicators are already heading us that way."

By Five Kids Anda Lowpayed Job 14 May 03

THE PEASANT: There is two Australias already and has been for some time. The ruling class is one them. How many 2nd class citizens can you think of living in Australia?


Shoplifting and homelessness
Shoplifting increased by 7.5 per cent last year, making it the only major crime category to register a significant increase in 2002, crime statistics show.

Democrats approve tougher welfare penalties: But how does that pan out? There used to be an old saying in Australia" if you're hungry steal a sheep and leave the pelt on the fence. How do you plead, Peter Saunders?

Social services groups swamped
A new report has revealed higher costs and increasing demands are forcing [social services] groups to turn more people away.

Fears for poor if Social Services take a social slide?
The director of the NSW Council for Social Service, Alan Kirkland, said it was very difficult to balance the impact of problem gambling against the broader community benefits.

Social Services small change? Or wast the money on WAR!
Lone parents on [social services] average 12 years of benefits - and are often worse off if they work. But reforming the system is risky and often costly, Bettina Arndt explains.

Tough luck! Kicks the poor to death
Australia is urged to adopt a United States-style welfare system, [?] cut welfare spending [social services spending] and encourage people to help themselves in a book on poverty published today.