Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Second International Conference on Human Rights & Prison Reform

Seminar on Discrimination in the Criminal Justice Systems Throughout the World**

August 2th-7th, 2003 Centre Le Cenacle 17, Promenade Charles Martin Geneva, Switzerland Tel: +41-22 707 08 30 Fax: +41-22 840 30 40 email info@cenacle.ch Le Cenacle

Saturday, August 2th

6:30 PM -10 PM Self-introductions, preparation for the next day and social.

Sunday, August 3rd

8 AM - 6:30 PM Indepth discussion of draft on prisoner discrimination based on the Universal Declaration On Human Rights and other major human rights documents (this segment and other segments will have breaks for coffee, lunch, etc. where appropriate).

Monday, August 4th

8 AM - 2 PM Break-up into two committees on prisoner discrimination (1) within prison systems (2) within the "free world".

2:30 PM - 5 PM Observing the meeting of the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights.

Tuesday, August 5th

8 AM - 2 PM Reports of the committees on prisoner discrimination.

2:30 - 5 PM Observing the meeting of the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights.

6:30 PM - 10 PM Finalization of our Report on Prisoner Discrimination.

Wednesday, August 6th

9 AM- Noon Observing the meeting of the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights.

Noon - 2 PM Luncheon for members of the Sub-Commission on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights. Deliverance and brief presentation of our Report on Prisoner Discrimination.

2 PM - 5 PM Continued Observing Sub-Commission on Promotion & Protection of Human Rights.

6:30 PM - 10 PM Discussion of how the day went and where we go from here.

Thursday, August 7th

Individual goodbyes during breakfast.

* Over 200 people participated in this first gathering that was in October, 2001, in New York City which was three weeks after 9/11. Although 40 countries had indicated interest, many could not receive visas to come.

Most of the 24 countries that were represented prepared and delivered report cards to their UN Ambassador on the status of human rights in the prisons of their country. These report cards as well as the Proceedings of this Conference will be studied at this second conference.

**This second gathering will be much smaller and more in depth in participation. A report on the human rights violation of discrimination in regard to prisoners will be produced. This report will be given to the Subcommission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights which will be having its annual meeting near our conference and is the"think tank" for the human rights agenda of the United Nations.



For the time being, The Cenacle has 7 twin bedded rooms and 6 single rooms available from the 2nd to the 7th of August. the price of the rooms is in Swiss francs : 64.00 per SGL and CHF: 96.00 per DBL, with breakfast and services included. To reserve and pay, contact William Celestrin at info@cenacle.ch

Please Fill Out This Form If You Are Coming and email it to cure@curenational.org or fax to (413) 845-9787.

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Posted 20 May 03


Justice Action's complaints about ACM to the NSW Ombudsman fell on deaf ears The Federal Government is reviewing allegations that the company it pays to run Australia's detention centres the same company who runs Junee Jail in NSW has fraudulently reduced staffing levels in at least one centre to increase its profits.

The Justice Minister has released government reforms to the Parole Board following the death of an aboriginal inmate, which was due to a Parole Board error.

Letter from the mother of a prisoner on remand at the High Risk Management Unit Goulburn Correctional Centre I am writing to give you permission to make any inquiries on my behalf as I am invalid pensioner who doesn't drive and been only well enough to travel by train once in 15 months to see my son Scott Simpson. I have enclosed a copy of Scott's letter and also a copy of gaol papers form I have to fill out and wait to see if I'm allowed in to see him. He doesn't get any visits. He is in the Supermax and deprived of any privileges not even legal Aid will fund a solicitor to see him in Goulburn.

Carr's Castle the real story H.R.M.U.The High Risk Management Unit Goulburn Correctional Centre The Australian Institute of Criminology's Standard Guidelines for Corrections in Australia - 1996 just don't cover the Goulburn HRMU according to Mr Ron Woodham Commissioner of Corrective Services. The High Risk Management Unit (HRMU) is the centrepiece of a major $22M redevelopment of Goulburn Correctional Centre.

Australia: Private Prisons, Junee NSW
When I got to Junee I was given nothing except bed linen. That's it! No clothing. I had to put my name down for clothing, which they said I could get on Saturday. When I went down to get my clothing on Saturday I was told they had nothing but I was told that I could buy what I wanted on their monthly buy-up. In the mean time I got rashes between my legs from the dirty clothes I had on.

The prisoners of Lithgow Correctional Centre have requested that the Lithgow Inmate Development Committee write to you on their behalf and ask that the phone systems heavy burden upon the prisoners at this institution and their families be reviewed. I will outline the problems.

Health problems denied in prison
Lithgow Correctional Centre (IDC) Inmate Development Committee "Currently there are 72 inmates on the doctors waiting list with only one doctor coming fortnightly and usually on a weekend".

NSW Prisons Inmate Development Committee speaks out
I am writing on behalf of the IDC Inmate Development Committee in area 3, MSPC at Long Bay. Area 3 is where, the Department is congregating minimum-security offenders within maximum-security walls whilst awaiting mandatory programs at Cubit (Sex Offenders Program).

THE GULAG TREATMENT - The Trauma Of Court Appearances When Incarcerated Prisoner transport vehicle 10th January 2003 It's about 4.40am, very darkoutside and although I'm expecting it, it is still intrusive when my dreams are interrupted by the sound of my name, it is the officer checking that I'm awake ready to face the long day ahead.

Sir David Longland Correctional Centre
If it were possible to characterize the term B Block attitude in a modern dictionary, it would read something like "demeanor of inhabitance" or "state of mind or behaviour of occupants".

SIR DAVID LONGLAND CORRECTIONAL CENTRE QLD - CELLS IN B BLOCK The cells in B Block are like no other in any Queensland prison. After Mr. Cooper was severally embarrassed by the Abbott and Co escape on 4th November 1997, he visited B Block and the surrounding grounds. It was that visit, by Cooper, that set in motion a plan (up the ante) to make sure security in B Block would never embarrass him again. It was like closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

The Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act 1986 Qld
The Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act 1986 (Qld), requires that any person who has committed an offence which is less than 10 years old or which resulted in a prison sentence of more than 30 months, must disclose that offence if requested eg. for employment purposes. If a criminal record is disclosed in a job application, it is unlikely that person will be given the job.

Judged Forever- The Orange County Register
US: California's largest job-placement program for parolees will be shut down May 31 after an Orange County Register investigation found that ex-convicts were sent to questionable jobs [?] and that the state was charged for placements that did not occur. [? According to the ruling-class]

My Sarah was smart and talented - Why did she die in jail?
LONDON: Sarah Campbell was just 18 when she killed herself [? committed suicide,] one of seven women to die in jail this year. Our correspondent asks why so many women kill themselves in prison [? commit suicide in prison.]