Monday, May 12, 2003

Judged Forever - The Orange County Register

US: California's largest job-placement program for parolees will be shut down May 31 after an Orange County Register investigation found that ex-convicts were sent to questionable jobs [?] and that the state was charged for placements that did not occur. [? According to the ruling-class]

[What is a questionable job? Ruling-class questions by super-loser authorities.]

The 16-year-old program, Jobs Plus, will be ended and the state Department of Corrections [? State prisons] will put its contract out to bid. Jobs Plus was paid $2.8 million last year to find work for 4,000 parolees.

In most cases, Jobs Plus paired ex-convicts with appropriate jobs that provided the money and motivation to stay straight. But the Register found cases in which paroled felons were placed near vulnerable people. [According to the ruling-class.]

A kidnapper got a job working in a San Francisco boys' home. [What has that got to do with it?] Drug addicts were placed in health-care positions with access to narcotics. [What has that got to do with it?] A rapist found work as a security guard. [What has that got to do with it?]

[Because people have made a mistake and learned by that, then why should they be dictated to by the ruling-class? That is to say the ruling-class never made a mistake?]

Also, [allegedly, nothing like a bit of shit,] job agencies were paid $560 apiece for placements that never happened, prompting the Corrections Department [? Ruling-class Prison Department] to launch an audit of the Jobs Plus program.

Jobs Plus is sponsored by the California State University, Sacramento, Foundation. Corrections officials said they and the foundation decided to let the contract run out at the end of the month, when new federal requirements would have placed heavy penalties on agreement violations.

[Who are the US feds? A ruling class dictatorial corporation.]

Russ Heimerich, spokesman for the Department of Corrections [? Ruling-class Prison Department] , said the Register's findings prompted the agency to put more restrictions on the new contract - restrictions that the foundation was not willing to accept. "There were some deficiencies ... that we had to go back and address," Heimerich said.

Shel Weissman, director of the Jobs Plus program, would not comment.

John Janda, who operated the Jobs Plus office in Santa Ana, said that for at least a few months there will be no one to handle the 100 parolees seen by his group every month. The state Employment Development Department will continue to counsel parolees but is already over capacity. "We are hopeful out of these ashes there will be a new program to arise down the road," Janda said.

[A ruling-class one! In other words a bent dictatorship with discriminative ideals. ]

Assemblyman Todd Spitzer, R-Orange, said losing Jobs Plus is not a solution. The Department of Corrections, [? Ruling-class Prison Department] needs to do a better job overseeing programs for ex-felons [? people], he said. He added that he is considering legislation that would make it a parole violation for ex-convicts to withhold their criminal past from employers. [Discriminate.]

[Just plain rubbish from AMERICA, the discriminative US ruling class corporation of the world.]

Six weeks, six months, six years: inmates have little chance of making fresh start

More than 15,500 people are released from NSW prisons each year, twice the number of 20 years ago. But new research shows many ex-prisoners find it impossible to reintegrate into society and, months after release, are worse off than before they went to jail.


Name removed by request served time in prison decades ago. Shes still being punished today. According to commonwealth and state legislation, ex-prisoners applying for jobs must declare any conviction that fits into the following categories: less than 10 years old, more than 10 years old but served more than 30 months in prison.

By Needa Job posted 12 May 03

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THE DOG: "A parolee is going to be Judged for the rest of his/her life?" That's not a second chance that's discriminaton!


California Family Visiting Case
US: CALIFORNIA: Today (5/03/08) in Superior Court around twenty friends and family members of inmates from CSP Solano showed up to show their support in the Gordon vs. CA Department of Corrections (Case #322862) which deals with the subject of bringing back Family Visits to all inmates.

Prison Rates Among Blacks Reach a Peak, Report Finds
An estimated 12 percent of African-American men ages 20 to 34 are in jail or prison, according to a report released yesterday by the Justice Department.

Justices question prison visitation policies
WASHINGTON: In a case that could affect the visitation rights of millions of prisoners, Supreme Court justices on Wednesday struggled with the question of whether inmates have a constitutional right to visits with friends and family.

The Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act 1986 Qld
The Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act 1986 (Qld), requires that any person who has committed an offence which is less than 10 years old or which resulted in a prison sentence of more than 30 months, must disclose that offence if requested eg. for employment purposes. If a criminal record is disclosed in a job application, it is unlikely that person will be given the job.