Thursday, April 24, 2003


Law for non-lawyers and intensive two-day training course about the law. Whether you deal with legal matters ever day, need to know about a particular area of the law, or just want to find out how the law works, this course is for you.

Law for non-lawyers will give you the tools you need to find your way around the legal system and make the most of the law.

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Do you give advice, information or assistance in social or community work, youth work, teaching, policing, counselling, mediation, the public service, the courts, a legal firm, government, or anyone else? Want to understand the legal system and how it works? Need information about legal rights, responsibilities and remedies?

The course will be run over two days Thu 22 May and Fri 23 May 2003, for more information, contact Natalie Clark or Andrew Dalton on (02) 9698 3066

By Redfern Legal Centre 24 April 03

THE CASEWORKER: In Australia today my advice to my clients is to stay out of trouble if they can. Why? Because unless you're Kerry Packer you have no defence. Forget about watchdogs that are merely lapdogs. Once you're accused there is no help and you can't beat city hall and the right wing media in their efforts to exploit you.

The only way to defend yourself is to provide funds for a team of lawyers to sue the government for damages and or put them on show about their behaviour towards you, by raising an article and by having a media outlet to broadcast the issues you have raised.

There are slim opportunities for poor people to lodge a claim for damages however, more often than not you will lose your own case for numerous reasons including the fact that you become first identity with remarks from a disgruntled judge because you made a mistake on your application or did not follow the rules of the court.

Remember it is their institutions and their rule of law.