Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Bin Laden funded Bali attacks?: report

A militant Indonesian Muslim [patsy] who has confessed to involvement in October's bombings on Bali island [but not for a song? In other words he was paid or provoked] says there is a "strong possibility" money from Osama bin Laden was used for the attacks. [But more like money from the USA via the CIA.]

Indonesian police [If they could be believed?] have reiterated they have not found any evidence linking bin Laden or his Al Qaeda network to the Bali attack, which killed at least 193 people.

However, [USA propaganda] Time Magazine reports it has seen confessions made to police by two of the key Indonesian men behind the attacks, Mukhlas and Iman Samudra. Police have publicly said both had admitted roles in the blasts. [But that doesn't mean they weren't paid or provoked by the CIA and it certainly doesn't mean they had the means to nuke Bali.]

[USA propaganda] Time reports Mukhlas has confessed he believes it is money from Al Qaeda that was used for the bombing operation. Mukhlas says $US25,000 had been given to the plotters by a man known as Hambali, former operational chief of Jemaah Islamiah, a shadowy South-East Asian network of militant Muslims.

Evidence that Howard was complicit in CIA, false flag, call to arms, Bali bombings

While Howard remembered those who gave their lives in war, he said he believes the Australian people will understand if there are casualties in any military conflict against 'Iraq' and 'he linked that to the terrorist bomb attacks' [ CIA false flag operation] in Bali.

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Terror suspect Hambali's brother denies terrorism link

An Indonesian student on trial for terrorism has denied links to a bloody terror campaign allegedly waged by his elder brother Hambali, saying anything he had done was only to help out his sibling.


Indonesian police have said Mukhlas had replaced Hambali before being arrested. "Since Hambali is not known to have any other big funding sources and because he often goes to Afghanistan there is a strong possibility that the source came from Afghanistan, namely Osama bin Laden," Mukhlas said.Hambali's whereabouts are not known.

[But even more possibility that the funding came from the CIA.]

Australia's Terrorism Wake Up Call [164] The horrific bombings of the Sari Club and Paddy's Bar in Bali, on October 12, 2002, considerably strengthened the hand of the CoW [Coaltion of the Killing] in pursuing the War on Terror [War on Resouces in the Middle East.] Here was an opportunity to harden the hearts of the Australian and US public against Islamic fundamentalists [scapegoats.] It was also a chance for the Indonesian government to justify harsh measures in the war against terrorists and secessionists, such at those in the province of Aceh.

Nuclear Demolition Munitions - An Evil Madness Continues [172]
The design and construction of nuclear munitions does not qualify as 'science' or 'technology'. It is insanity. Daniel Quinn has shown that the absolute need to conquer and exterminate all possible rivals, the need to 'conquer' the land, and to bend nature to the rule of man, all derive from core taker thinking. Takers always fear attack because their own philosophy is one of growing rich and powerful through attacks, whether military or economic. Takers progress by either killing or enslaving 'them', 'the ones who are not with us.'

Police 'had role in' Bali blasts

INDONESIAN [politicians], police or military officers may have played a role in the 2002 Bali bombing, the country's former president, Abdurrahman Wahid has said.

By George Bush 22 Jan 2003


Do you believe the Indonesian police?
Do you believe George Bush?
Do you believe Osama bin Laden?
Do you believe The CIA?
Do you believe John Howard?
Yes: phone 02 9660-9111
No: phone 02 9571-7044


Did the CIA blow up Bali?
Concrete Was Stripped From Reinforcing Steel [169] A key indication of the force of the main blast is found in photographic evidence and eyewitness accounts of damage to a reinforced concrete building that was 50 feet from ground zero.

GI Strikes again! Plots plots and more plots
The spectre of suicide bombers first came to public light when Indonesian investigators raised suspicions that Iqbal [?], the suspected bomber [via corporate media who lie] of the [CIA false flag operation] Paddy's bar in Bali in October, had died in the blast at least that is what John Howard and George Bush want you to think, so their campaign to attack Iraq is made easier. [Call to arms by the Coalition of the Killing in their resource war's in the Middle East.

Alarm over terror in 'Australia'?
ISLAMIC extremists linked to GI cordial fired weapons and conducted close-quarter combat training in remote forests all over Australia? Paint Bombs were the weapon of choice!

Community backs candidate wife's Bali claims
Cate Molloy says she holds sitting Liberal MPs accountable for the Bali bombings. Federal Labor Party candidate Ivan Molloy says he supports the sentiments of his wife, a Queensland state politician, who blames the Liberal Party for the 2002 Bali bombings.

Cleric blames CIA for Bali bombing An Indonesian Islamic cleric said the 2002 attack which killed more than 200 people, including 88 Australians, was the work of the CIA. Abu Bakar Bashir says the US intelligence agency had fired a nuclear missile at the Bali tourist strip.

Indonesian Election: Australia $48 Million?
Australian Payoff Call to Arms Bali Bombing Indonesia? Stated as a given for an anti-terrorism initiative? But it could have just as easily have been a payment for the Bali Bombings - 1012 Call to Arms payment to Indonesia from Australia disguised as anti-terror initiative, too right mate and thanks for blowing up Australians.

Protest Bali bombers' executions - priest The attack was a conspiracy between "America, Australia and the Jews" and the three convicted bombers - Amrozi, Imam Samudra and Ali Ghufron - had been framed: Abu Bakar Bashir.

Fool me twice 1-20 -Official release (BALI BOMBINGS/ETimor) Exposing the Australian government's lies about the East Timor massacres, the cover-up of the Bali bombings (including '93 WTC attack) and subsequent anti-terror legislation forced through parliament.

The Truth About Bali Bombings Part 1 REMIX Part One + Two: Que Bono. Who Benefited? The Bali Bombings were a direct US-Israeli response to the growing Peace marches and Anti War Movement in Australia that was ballooning at an alarming rate after 9-11 and after Bush announced he was waging illegal invasions. It also very quickly secured Indonesia's and Australia's subservience to the US and cemented involvement in the US led War on Terror, and subsequent illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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