Thursday, November 7, 2002

Resamen Community Housing for men

Welcome to our Annual General Meeting

I'd like today to talk a little about Resamen and perhaps remind our selves of why we are here and what Resamen does. Resamen meets the needs of the forgotten: the single men who, through circumstance, are marginalised in a city that enjoys one of the highest living standards in the world.

Resemen offers a unique service meeting the needs of single men residing in the inner metropolitan area. Unlike most other housing associations, Resamen targets one client group and has developed a unique expertise in addressing the social housing needs of an often forgotten population.

Resamen's clients are a challenging bunch they often present with drug and alcohol, mental health and/or health issues arising from the impacts of homelessness. Many have survived a period in jail, living on the streets or moving from boarding house to boarding house.

Contrary to social expectation many of our clients often have low self esteem, little expectation of a living wage or reasonable accommodation. Many are struggling to survive in a hostile and largely hidden environment. By providing secure affordable accommodation and a non-judgmental delivery of service Resamen can become the turning point, a catalyst to a more integrated, secure lifestyle.

We are looking forward to consolidating, building and extending our partnerships and opening up new opportunities for our clients.

I would like to thank staff and directors who have strived to articulate the needs of the marginalised and who have shared their expertise, time, skill, and humour in maintaining and building a strong, viable organisation. We look forward to the challenges and successes of the coming year.

By Steve Abrahall President Report 7 November 2002